Product Design & Development

Our proven Agile Delivery model achieves rapid, cost-efficient implementation by leveraging our best Practices, Tools & Frameworks. Some Highlights

  • Discovery and Elaboration – Accelerated Requirements Verification & Solution Validation enables Agile build to begin immediately
  • Application Development, Quality Assurance & UAT – Rapid, Iterative Application Development leveraging deep Agile experience, best in class QA & UAT practices
  • Go Live – Robust Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementation which meets the fundamental needs of the client, but with scope for scalability
  • Short 2-3 week Sprints  to create MVPs for Specific Use Cases, to get User Feedback on Product’s Core functionalities
  • DevOps – End-to-end Automation for quicker, Iterative Releases using DevOps tools (CI/CT/CD)
  • and one-click Deployment Environment for faster Time to Market
  • Mobile App Development of Native & Hybrid apps
  • State-of-the-art, ready-to-use Platforms and Solution Accelerators such as            
    • Experience Lab for rapid Prototyping & parallel Releases
    • Location Zero Platform for Ideation, Innovation, PoCs on Automation/AI
    • Mobile Test Automation Lab using the Done Framework
  • Continuous Research & Innovation through our partnerships with IIT-Madras and Microsoft

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