GAVS Technologies has been recognized for their Blockchain Services by ‘Everest Group’ in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix TM for Enterprise Blockchain Services 2020.

GAVS is recognised for their growing blockchain services practices and are investing in scaling their talent pool to manage the clients’ demand for building minimum viable blockchain solutions as well as supporting enterprises via staff augmentation for product engineering talent.  They have also been recognised for the investments focused on building a GTM strategy for blockchain technologies and creating dedicated leadership and thought assets.

GAVS’ vision for their blockchain practice is “to enable enterprise adoption of blockchain and leverage it for its role in data governance and data security.  Its current areas of interest such as Master Data Management (MDM) on blockchain and patient privacy management on blockchain aims at providing a base for healthcare interoperability across providers, while ensuring patient privacy.  The company expects blockchain to replace many reference databases in the enterprise.”

The report analyses the changing dynamics of the enterprise blockchain services landscape and assesses service providers across several key dimensions. The report provides an objective, data driven and comparative assessment of blockchain services providers based on their absolute market success and delivery capability.

“Blockchain technology has had widespread adoption across industries, with projects moving from proofs of concept to deployment. Service providers are building capabilities to run and maintain blockchain networks for core business processes,” said Ronak Doshi, Vice President at Everest Group. “GAVS Technologies’ investments in fundamental research around blockchain use cases is evident by patents filed in areas such as master data management. Investments in blockchain talent as well as solutions and frameworks to assist clients in understanding the value delivered by blockchain networks have helped GAVS Technologies to be positioned on the Blockchain Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2020.”

“Today there is an increased responsibility for organizations to address Consumer Privacy Concerns and organizations look into emerging technologies to bring Digital Ethics to their consumers.  I feel Blockchain will be a major technology to address privacy concerns and we have a framework to help organizations with CCPA(California  consumer  privacy act).” – Srinivasan Sundararajan, VP – Technology

“GAVS innovative MDM solution will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies promoting consistency with regional consensus paving a path for manufacturing, healthcare, banking and legal sectors to implement the technology in a phased and controlled manner.”- Sri Chaganty, Chief Technology Officer, GAVS Technologies


About GAVS  
GAVS Technologies is focused on automation-led digital transformation services. GAVS’ IP led solution, Zero Incident Framework TM (ZIF) is an AIOps solution that provides a 360-degree view of enterprise IT health, proactively detects incidents before they occur and remediates with minimal human interference.  By focusing on eradication and proactive remediation of the incidents, ZIF enables organizations trend towards a Zero Incident Enterprise TM.  GAVS is committed to improving user experience by 10X and reducing resource utilization by 40%.

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