Princeton, Feb 26, 2019 – GAVS Technologies (GAVS), one of the key innovators in the fast-growing Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps) market has entered into an agreement to form a strategic alliance with AppEnsure Inc., a leading provider of digital experience driven application performance management solution for cloud and virtualized environments.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 30% of large enterprises will be using Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations and digital experience monitoring technology exclusively to monitor the nonlegacy segments of their IT estates.

“Our alliance with AppEnsure will strengthen our ZIF platform to provide much needed visibility of mission critical workloads in enterprises – especially in Citrix environments.” – Sumit Ganguli, CEO, GAVS Technologies

GAVS’ proprietary framework – Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIF) is an AIOps platform that provides automatic remediation resulting in a zero-incident scenario.  The platform can ingest data from various sources and converts siloed data into related data.  ZIF is powered by pattern based learning engine and predictive analytics engine that removes false positives and detects potential outages based on past historical patterns and enables permanent remediation for enhanced digital experience.

“Creating an overreaching insight that can provide end-to-end visibility and monitoring, drive troubleshooting and remediation for optimization is becoming a necessity for enterprises with increasingly agile, software-defined IT environment.  Our alliance with GAVS will address such necessity.” – Sri Chaganty, CTO/Founder, AppEnsure Inc.

AppEnsure, a Citrix funded company, empowers enterprises to adopt AIOps and deliver an enhanced digital experience with an End User Centric approach.

As part of the alliance, AppEnsure’s solution will underpin GAVS’s ZIF to:

  • Provide a Cohesive Performance Analysis Across Multiple IT Domains
  • Deliver a Consolidated Understanding of User Experience Across Digital Services
  • Exploit the Analytical Power of AIOps to Support Digital Businesses Effectively

About GAVS
GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a digital transformation company with focus on AI, Predictive Analytics, Robotics led Infrastructure Management services. GAVS is committed to improving the user experience by 10X and reduce resource utilization by 40%.  Learn more at

About AppEnsure

AppEnsure offers an application performance management solution for managing response time and throughput of all applications, in all locations. AppEnsure’s solution delivers simple application management for both custom developed and purchased applications deployed on physical, virtual or cloud infrastructures. AppEnsure is Silicon Valley based startup funded by Citrix. To learn more, visit


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