Infrastructure management industry that accounts for $524 billion, is rapidly moving towards remote, distributed and dynamic IT environment owing to overall reduction in cost and failure risk.

Next-gen Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services has increased in recent times with more than 85% of infrastructure components managed from remote locations.

Advanced digital technologies in RIM and its proper implementation can help businesses save 25% spending in total infrastructure budget. RIM provides for informed people, process, products, and set-up that delivers great business value in the highly competitive IT landscape.

Business Scope of Digital Transformation and Analytics in RIM

Organizations are determined to manage their infrastructure to overcome:

  1. Complex IT landscape
  2. Optimize infrastructure performance at low cost
  3. Monitor distributed networks
  4. Accelerate application provisioning
  5. Minimize risk and ensure high availability
  6. Employee productivity and monitoring

IT infrastructure generates huge volume of data through connected devices, networks, and manufacturing units. Thought leaders and decision makers are deprived of the hidden insights and gain from its business value. Using ML and analytics for their RIM, they can benefit from continuous process improvement, standardization, and automation to ensure delivery excellence.

Key advantages of implementing next-gen RIM technologies by organizations:

  • 24x7x365 Automated yet simplifying management:Identify routine administrative, support and management activities which can be automated for better utilization of IT resources each and every moment spanning the year. Using predictive analytics and digital transformation, they facilitate IT operations agility to make it more receptive to organizational changes.
  • Cloud enablers for better management:Facilitating Cloud infrastructure ensures organizations maintain total control of their remote infrastructure while providing adequate security and safety measures. It assures cost effective, economical, scalable and available setup always.
  • Pre-emptive monitoring for optimal operations:Organizations need a proactive approach to serve the dynamic IT environment for performance optimization and effective productivity. RIM services utilize advanced predictive analytics to provide an overall view to the security, performance and health of the IT environment. Real-time visibility along with trend analysis allow users to proactively identify issues in the networks and facilitate corrective action before it impacts users or business performances.
  • Accelerate provisioning with self-services:Outsourcing RIM services enable business users to quickly provision IT assets, thus saving significant time and effort while enhancing user experience. Next-gen RIM Self-service capabilities eliminate dependencies on IT resources and help organizations quickly and cost-effectively manage their IT application landscape.
  • Risk Reduction via Real time visibility for optimal performance:Predictive analytics provide CXO’s a centralized and unified view of the enterprise, helps to track and manage the complex IT environment. Not only it allows optimal performance to ensure business value but reduce incident failure impact, help accelerates failure resolutions and prevents risk of losing business.
  • Improve uptime:RIM influences organizations to use predictive analytics to predict potential high severity events and alert administrators so that the remedial actions can be taken in advance. This reduces high severity incidents and thereby improves availability.The changing business landscape for organizations to adopt Machine Learning, predictive analytics to achieve optimal IT efficiency for their Remote Infrastructure management. It helps them fulfill their business strategic goals through flexibility and agility. They can stay ahead of the competition while addressing their organizations needs and challenges.There is tremendous scope for organizations to leverage Digital transformation and Advanced Analytics into their RIM business strategies.

    Next-gen remote infrastructure monitoring and management services are changing the remote infrastructure monitoring and management landscape. Contact GAVS representative for more information on leveraging this technology for your organization.