Nitu Singh

I completed my education and started my professional journey at Ranchi (a city in eastern India). Through GAVS, I got the opportunity to travel down to the south of India, and experience the renowned hospitality of Chennai. And on the very first day, I was taken in by the city’s warmth. 

I received a warm welcome and was put up at the company guest house. The food in this part of India is a stark contrast to the type of food I have eaten all my life, even though I have been exposed to it during my brief stints at 2 other south Indian cities. It didn’t take me long to get used to it. Another major change was the local language. I had no clue how to engage in informal conversations without knowing the language. But the people around helped me ease into making this my home. I soon moved into a lake-side apartment, not far away from my office. 

I was overwhelmed with the warm welcome on the first day at GAVS. Apart from the regular onboarding activities, the team made sure all the new joiners felt comfortable, a reassurance that I made the right choice to accept this opportunity. I was introduced to the RITE values of GAVS and gradually understood that it is something that every GAVSian swears by. It stands for Respect, Integrity, Trust and Empathy; values that are practiced in all ways and forms here.

I was recruited for Talent Acquisition, but had very little experience in it. I could not have come this far without the guidance and support of my manager, department head and my teammates. Continuous collaborative sessions and an open-door policy followed by the leaders got me going and thus increased my confidence. 

I loved the fact that I got the opportunity to work on various customer engagements and teams. The Talent Acquisition team is strategically integrated with the Customer Success team here at GAVS. I was particularly intrigued by the role of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) as they have a lot of responsibility in these engagements. It’s amazing how much I got to learn while working with them. Frequent discussions with the CSMs and my leadership team helped me understand the broader goals of individual customer engagements; which is significant to success in a role like mine. I also had opportunities to participate directly in customer discussions and understand their objectives and goals and align our processes and approach to meet and exceed those. 

My biggest challenge came in the middle of 2019 when I was given a crucial healthcare customer. We had to significantly ramp up our hiring in very little time. Our team spent long days and even some weekends at the office to meet client requirements. We went that extra mile and worked hard as a team to overcome all the obstacles. We did some creative branding and communication both internally and externally and that boosted our pace. Every step of the way, GAVSians stood up to support and that was a heartening sight when we were going through some serious challenges. 

The various training programs like ‘customer centricity’‘business communication’‘accountability and ownership’ helped me further expand my thinking and modify my approach to the day-to-day tasks and challenges. But the real game-changers were the strategic learning initiatives. We underwent rigorous coaching and assessment in Business Communication conducted by the British Council. I learnt the nuances of communication and learnt how it can enhance communication. No wonder I can articulate my thoughts and present them to you all now!

I participated in a Customer-Centric Leadership Program completely driven by senior professors of premier B-school, Great Lakes School of Management (GLIM). The sessions ranged from Self Awareness, Interpersonal skills, handling intellectual and emotional intelligence, to optimizing and rationalizing processes for excellence and broader aspects of various leadership styles. How do we become self-aware and how do we make things happen? This allowed me to hone my inherent leadership skills and cultivate some more.

We also participated in a rigorous training program on Leadership and Critical Thinking conducted by IIT-Madras. This program was all about critical thinking and systems design especially in an ambiguous environment coupled with humane approaches to the same. The program also covered aspects of randomness and ambiguity of data, especially while making critical decisions and applying it to day-to-day management. There were some interesting sessions on strategy and business models and the art of negotiation. How many people get the opportunity to partake in such tailored programs from such premier institutes? We did, and I am thankful to GAVS for this golden opportunity, as clichéd as it may sound. I am sure all of this and my experience at GAVS will help me greatly in not just my professional but also my personal growth. 

The women’s role model series at GAVS has also helped me along my journey. Listening to the inspirational stories of eminent women who’ve broken the glass ceiling and paved their own paths makes me feel I can do it too.

I always thought that recruitment is a thankless job but my time at GAVS changed that perception. I am currently working for a crucial client and I’m responsible for hiring for some key strategic positions. I get noticed and appreciated for the work that I do. The practice at GAVS of giving out Thank You cards and other spot recognitions is also very motivating. 

The climate of Chennai did make me think twice about continuing in this city. But considering all that this city and GAVS has given me, I wouldn’t give it up for the world!

About the Author:

Nitu started her career as a teacher in Ranchi. Post her Masters in HR, she joined GAVS as Talent Specialist. She aspires to continue to grow in HR. Nitu likes to travel, read and listen to music in her free time.