Sarah Diamond

Sarah K. Diamond is a seasoned global leader with deep experience in the financial services, technology, consulting, and regulatory sectors. She was the Global Managing Director of Financial Services at IBM, where she led the top 50 global financial services clients to embrace digitization to grow their businesses and create customer value.

Sarah is passionate about supporting the development of women’s careers and the importance of education and is currently an Executive Mentor with the ExCo Group which helps executives and teams develop their full leadership potential. She also volunteers with PENCIL – an organization focused on connecting NYC students with business professionals and is a mentor to the Columbia University Executive Master of Science in Technology Management Program.

Nick Patel M.D.

Dr. Patel served as the inaugural Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Prisma Health and as the Vice Chair of Primary Care in Department of Medicine in South Carolina for over three years. As the CDO, he formulated a strong vision and strategy for the modernization of healthcare delivery. He managed the digital health team to implement chatbots, enhanced video visits, remote patient monitoring, automated campaigns, expand bedside diabetic retinopathy screening and gave insight into Prisma’s CRM deployment. While at Prisma, he also led projects to bring virtual reality, and 3D printing utilization in care delivery.

He currently serves on multiple healthcare advisory boards including HP Inc., University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computer Science, Kyruus, Conversa, Perfect Serve, Enlyt Health, GAVS Technologies, Upfront, CloudmedX and Tytocare. He currently holds a clinical faculty position at the USC School of Medicine department of internal medicine as Vice Chair and USC School of Engineering and Computing. He is one of two physicians in the world who have been awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award.

Dr. Patel is a frequent contributor to Becker’s Hospital Review and various webinars. He was named Top 20 Chief Digital Officers to know in 2020 and Top 35 in 2022 by Becker’s Hospital Review in addition to Fierce Healthcare’s 2021 Most Influential Minority Executives in Healthcare. Recently recognized as one of the top 50 digital innovators by Becker’s in 2022.

Nandan Sudarsanam

Nandan Sudarsanam is a faculty member in the Department of Management Studies and a core member of the Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) at IIT Madras. He earned his PhD from the Engineering Systems Division at MIT, following which, he worked as a quantitative researcher for five years at a high-frequency algorithmic trading firm in New York.  His research and work experience focuses on applications of experimentation, machine learning and the abstraction of data to models and algorithms. This spans data and problems across different domains, including but not limited to finance, urban mobility, digital platforms, civic services, and criminology. He publishes in premier machine learning  conferences as well as peer-reviewed journals in engineering and applied statistics.

Joe Makoid

Joe Makoid is a dynamic leader of innovative information technology ventures. Joe focuses on business development and strategic partnerships with premier technology companies such as Dell, Acer, IBM, and Lenovo to help drive sales growth.

His previous IT industry background includes leadership positions at Siemens Nixdorf, BusTech, Data Center Direct, MSPI, Tarantella, and Devon IT. In 2013 Joe co-founded and orchestrated a divestiture of HiveIO, Inc. from one of the world’s largest financial institutions.  In 2017 he spearheaded HiveIO’s efforts to acquire Atlantis Computing assets. In 2017-18 Joe co-founded Cloud Therapeutics Inc., a medical technology company and MakTrax, Inc., a strategic investment and business development firm. Joe sits on the board of directors of several technology companies. In 2005 he was inducted into the Villanova University Athletics Hall of Fame.