Disaster recovery (DR) solutions are critical to safeguard business applications and to protect important data. Cloud based DR is becoming an important enterprise strategy with the popularization of automation, scaling & Customization which has led to increase in application up-times and the appropriate hardware required for the same. Further, DR provides an enterprise with real-time scalability to fully a managed infrastructure service which can handle partial or full level of workloads and cover all the required regulatory norms.

Key elements to underpin a successful disaster recovery strategy:

  • Recovers faster in case of disaster: In a cloud-based DR setup, the entire applications are hosted in virtual machines. Further in case of any disaster, the virtual server copies the data and is backed to an offsite data center in matter of minutes. It acts as a lifeline to customer facing enterprises where any operational breakdowns lead to closing the doors forever.
  • Recovery made affordable: With a cloud based DR, enterprises do not have to invest in internal infrastructure to mention loads of data which takes days to access during emergency. Cloud based services provide enterprises options to pay for only the storage space they use, paving the way for a low cost infrastructure setup bundled with a robust disaster recovery backup.
  • Supports multiple locations: Cloud-based DR can support remote office locations without incurring any additional cost. It can extend the ongoing disaster recovery plan to multiple locations with no additional support staff or training expenses.
  • Enables workflow replication: Cloud based DR helps to control and plan migrations to recover data in real-time when a disaster occurs. It helps to design customized recovery objectives to achieve a fine-tuned control, based on business application priorities.
  • Testing system for different scenarios: Cloud based DR allows enterprises to run test cases to help deal with various scenarios. It provides live user cases which helps enterprises to prepare during emergency. Further, it also helps enterprises to establish trust with clients by showing them the test cases and their preparedness to handle the respective situations.
  • Fits in multiple compliances: Cloud based DR uses infrastructure which meet multiple compliance, regulations, and industry standards. Further enterprises can often leverage technical and security controls built by DR provider as they are usually time tested.

GAVS’ expert DR team helps enterprises to reduce system downtime and set low recovery point objectives within prescribed budget. GAVS leverages Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery DRaaS solution that helps to optimize business performance and enable agility. Further its expertise in implementing Azure site recovery model helps enterprises to use the right infrastructure model.