GS Lab | GAVS’ IT Solutions for Manufacturing industry help businesses meet their technology requirements right from IT services to customer experience and from shop floor to top floor. Our expertise across cloud, IIoT, embedded system, and enterprise applications help business
build smart manufacturing units. Our problem-solving approach, coupled with Data Science, Analytics, and Machine Learning capabilities, helps us generate visibility and actionable business intelligence at a rapid pace. Our solutions help manufacturers achieve industry benchmarks such as Industry 4.0 and become truly digital.

Offerings and Solutions

Agile & Cost-Effective Manufacturing Solutions

  • IoT Enabled Quality Management Systems
  • Factory Operations Visibility & Intelligence (FOVI) Management
  • Predictive Maintenance & Management (PMM)

Business Insights & Visibility Engineering

  • Product & Process IoTization
  • Financial Process Automation
  • Streaming Analytics
  • AI, Data Science & Machine Learning based Solutions
  • Energy management solutions

Improved Customer Experience Solutions

  • Salesforce Implementation & Customization
  • Field Service Solutions  
  • Web & Mobility Solutions 
  • Collaboration Solutions 

Box 5 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • Digital Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Track & Trace Solutions

Box 6 - IT Services

  • Al-led Command Center
  • Digital Service Desk with Omnichannel
  • Managed Services powered by Al & Automation
  • DevOps, SecOps
  • Cyber Security - IAM, PAM, SSO implementation
  • SOC Operations & Governance
  • DC Consolidation
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Technology Refresh Services

Our Accelerators

Offering Ease in Asset Visibility and Monitoring


IoT Enabled Remote Asset Monitoring & Management Solutions

AccelCost – Single-click solution for preparing various financial reports like cost audit reports

Shopfloor Pulse – Get complete visibility with real-time reporting of incidents on the shop floor. A must-have for your ‘Zero Incidents goals.

Journey from Digitization to Digitalization

A beginner’s guide on how to achieve Digital Manufacturing. A Step towards Industry 4.0

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Success Stories

Boosting Operational Efficiency with a Remote Plant Monitoring System

A process solution giant reduced operations and maintenance costs with smart devices and cloud-based RPM

Telematics-based Fleet Management Solution for a leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

A Solution that provides all dealers with accurate, timely information about the location, utilization, and condition, of their equipment on the go, eventually helping in providing unique value-added services to their customers.

Machine Learning-based Supply Chain Optimization for an American Multinational Energy Giant

A data science solution to predict inventory needs using ML models which were fed into an order planner to optimize the order schedule.

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