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Job Description


Chatbot Developer (IVR, NLP & Rest)

20-03-2024 15:26:18

3 - 5 years

  • Pune, Maharashtra, India (PUN)

We are looking for a skilled Conversational AI Developer with expertise in both text-based chatbot and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development.

•Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and understand business objectives for chatbot and IVR development.

•Experience in creating inbound IVR chatbots/flows and text-based bots.

•Hands-on experience on or similar platforms like Google Dialogflow, Twilio Voice, Genesys, LivePerson, etc.

•Should be able to consume restful APIs for integrations.

•(NLP) concepts, including entity recognition, intent classification, and sentiment analysis Knowledge of chatbot design principles and user experience (UX) best practices

•Proficiency in programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, Python) for customization and integration of the CCaaS platform.