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Job Description


Azure Dotnet Developer

22-03-2024 12:54:00

5 - 12 years

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (CHNN)

·      ·       5+ years ofexperience developing web applications using Azure, Azure functions, Azureservice bus, Kubernetes, Jquery, .NET, C#, ASP. Net, HTML, CSS andJavaScript. 

·       5+ years ofexperience in Microsoft based technologies and software platforms such as .NETCore, VB.NET, ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2017/2019 With .NETFramework

·       2+ years ofexperience with Microsoft Azure.

·       2+ years of experiencewith modern software design patterns (GOF, MVC, MVVM, MVP etc). 

·       1+ years withserverless computing and containerization.

·       Build, Test, Deploy(using CI/CD Pipelines) and manage (application health) for Angular, .NETapplications to web servers/azure app services/containers. 

·       Build REST/GraphQL/gRPCAPIs using ASP.NET. 

·       Build and supportServerless functions on Azure/AWS 

·       Create rich,easy-to-use and highly interactive UI using ASP.NET MVC, Angular, JavaScript,JQuery, node.js HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.