Infrastructure Security


“The increased adoption of technologies has significantly enhanced the security risks and vulnerabilities. GS Lab | GAVS provides end-to-end infrastructure security ensuring IT compliances to protect against the constantly emerging threats. Smooth operation of IT infrastructure needs an intelligent and advanced strategy to secure in this hybrid world.
Addressing the cyber threats, our dedicated Security Operation Centres deliver multiple benefits, with continuous network monitoring, centralized visibility, reduced vulnerabilities, and security costs.
GS Lab | GAVS’ holistic security view of all the infrastructure components can help reduce incidents and significantly improve the uptime. Our effective incident response management can prevent and restore systems in a short span of time with continuous security monitoring.”


  • Reducing external & internal intrusions in the network
  • Enhancing the perimeter security
  • Reducing unauthorized access
  • Preventing data loss to cybercrime and associated liabilities

Explore our Infra Security services:


Monitoring the entire IT infrastructure resulting into preventing the vulnerabilities. We provide real-time detection and investigation of the threats.


Monitoring the system in real-time, generating alerts and improving incident management.

Datacenter Security

Providing secure, high-performance, affordable compute, and scalable infrastructure to enterprises. We ensure monitoring Suspicious activities and preventing cybercriminals from entering the network.

End point Security

Securing entry points of end-user devices, safeguarding the data and workflows related to the individual devices connecting to the network.


Protecting the data on-premises and in the cloud against cyber-attacks, ensuring complete protection of the digital data transmitted through any network.

Io(M)T security

Constant monitoring, threat intelligence, threat hunting to intelligent incident analysis, alert prioritization and accelerated incident response.

Case studies

  • Increased Operational Efficiency through IT Infrastructure Optimization Our customer is a leading financial services provider in Oman, GS Lab | GAVS deployed a high-availability DR center aligned with the bank’s goals, based on a thorough IT assessment that included prioritization of applications and infrastructure, readiness, and optimal migration plan.
  • Providing Security and Resilience as an End-to-End IT Partner – Our customer is one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare organizations in New York City. They required integrated cyber security solutions to prevent cyberattacks for their high-risk IT and business environments. We provided a unified view of entire digital estate to help tackle emerging threats quickly reducing the cost.
  • A robust Endpoint Security solutions for one of the largest Business Consulting firm in US – World’s largest public relations firm required to migrate more than 2,000 endpoints from older Symantec Endpoint Protection to the latest version. GS Lab | GAVS migrated the endpoints by using tool-based automation. This resulted into improved endpoint security coverage, reduced time in handling security incidents, and remediation of the endpoint risks.
  • “Enhanced Network Infrastructure for the Largest Voluntary, Non-Profit Healthcare Organization – Our customer wanted to upgrade the existing network and enable remote access. We deployed all client VPNson SRX service, the Secure Anytime Series to provide users with sophisticated extranet features that allows controlled access to differentiated users and groups.”

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