GAVS Technologies focuses on serving various industry verticals in their digital transformation through infrastructure solutions, adopting innovation and technologies in different domains. We offer services and solutions aligned with technology trends to enable enterprises to take advantage of futuristic technologies like DevOps, Smart Machines, Cloud, IoT, Predictive Analytics, Managed Infrastructure Services, and Security services.

We drive digital technology and analytics to excel. GAVS’ focus is steered to improve user experience by 10X and reduce resource utilization by 40%, and strengthen governance & transformation through security, cloud orchestration, risk & governance. Our smart services and solutions help bridge the technology gap among distinct aspects of your enterprise and benefit from systematic approaches to IT challenges.

We serve across the industry landscape including BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Media & Publishing.

Our experience and technology expertise demonstrates that clients can benefit from advanced business operations and processes to generate material, and financial impact.

Our services help control CAPEX and OPEX costs, strengthen market position, support digital and organizational transformation, quality control, manage regulatory compliance and risks. This competitive outlook will further drive your business prospects.



As a highly specialized industry, Healthcare and Life sciences require in-depth knowledge and technology expertise to meet the regulations and interoperability standards. One of greatest challenges today is maintaining transparency and compliance with the various healthcare regulatory bodies.

We provide solutions and services that enable digital healthcare transformation through analytics integration that changes the way leading HealthTech clients operate. With our domain expertise and understanding of Healthcare and Life sciences’ organization environments, we help them function using the dynamic and advancing IT capabilities to overcome challenges.

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Banking & Financial services

As customers become ever more sophisticated, their financial services requirements evolve, demanding flexibility, security, and transparency. The BFSI landscape is complex and fast moving, with the need for rapid product innovation combined with fast-changing technology placing increasing demands on the underlying infrastructure.

Our innovative technology-driven capabilities allow us to deliver with operational efficiency.

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Maintaining just-in-time delivery and high customer satisfaction ratings while delivering quality products isn’t easy for manufacturing companies. They face logistic and supply chain management issues, distributed networks, and other problems.

GAVS offers a multitude of IT solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the manufacturing sector. Our approach and real-time market data driven analytics help to make strategic investments in smart technologies to achieve cost savings, product improvements, increased productivity, and efficiency. It helps in resource allocation and optimal utilization for converting challenges into opportunities.

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Media & Publishing

Adapting to an evolving digital landscape to protect their existing position and capture new market is a daunting task for the traditional media and publishing industry. They need a complete end-to-end digital solution that helps to monetize their media and content.

Through GAVS’ expertise in digital transformation, Media & Publishing companies can create business opportunities, in turn reducing costs, improving content quality, privacy, security measures, and monetizing new distribution platforms (social media, mobile and web).

Businesses can use analytics solutions for content recommendations, audience engagement, identifying new consumption channels. Our experts will help you to apply the critical data analytics to make more informed decisions in all areas – from operations and finance, to sales and customer service.

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