IdentityDesk is a complete user lifecycle and access management solution that helps your IT team streamline the user lifecycle journey from provisioning to change management to deprovisioing. It enables you to eliminate manual processes, improves your security posture, and supports your governance requirements.

IdentityDesk works seamlessly with your cloud, on-prem or hybrid setups and is an ideal bridge between your cloud IAM solution and on-prem legacy applications.

Key Features of Identity Desk

Policy-Driven Provisioning

IdentityDesk comes with an in-built policy engine and the Bridge components that automate user/group provisioning across configured endpoints. Attribute based polices (ABAC) can also be configured as per business needs.

Centralized Management

IdentityDesk comes with a user-friendly admin console to configure policies and connectors. It allows administrators to control user access entitlements by mapping roles to the appropriate user groups.

Audit and Governance

IdentityDesk keeps a log of provisioning & deprovisoining requests/responses, failure and success events. This helps administrators to take necessary actions in case of failures. Provisioning requests can be replayed manually in case of endpoint failures.

Security and Compliance

Communication between any two components within IdentityDesk is done using REST layer over the secure channel (SSL), which ensures that the data in transit is always safe. The solution is compliant with SCIM v1.1 and v2.0, HTTP(S), OAuth 2.0, LDAPS standards.

Provisioning between Cloud apps and On-prem systems

IdentityDesk comes with a generic connector feature that supports new REST or DB-based endpoints. Hence, you can quickly add any cloud app or on-prem apps by just configuring the metadata XML file with endpoint specific details.

Scalable and Modular

IdentityDesk is built as a containerized application, and separated components are connected through the REST layer. This makes IdentityDesk highly scalable and modular.

Comprehensive Reporting

Create in-depth reports and comply with higher regulatory standards with out-of-the-box reports like orphan accounts reports.

Customized Workflows

Set up customized workflows for provisioning and deprovisoining as per your company policies and needs.

HRMS Driven Provisioning

IdentityDesk supports HRMS-driven provisioning. It integrates with any HR source (SaaS or on-prem) to bring user information to a centralized user repository.

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