by Karthik Natesan Paranjothi

The following delivery model depicts a Typical Service Catalogued delivery of the IT Services with Onsite/Offshore Helpdesk and EUC services team to cater to the end-user queries. If the resolution is not made by the Helpdesk team, the ticket is transferred to the L2/L3 team.

“A typical day in the life of the service desk” as above

Typical Challenges in IT Service Desk

A key driver of customer satisfaction is related to how quickly a helpdesk team can resolve an issue (As per Gartner 2018 Key Service Desk Recommendations, the average IT service desk first contact resolution rate is 70.6%.). Organizations are constantly striving to provide better customer service by optimizing key metrics such as Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR), Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) and so on.

Considering the volumes of data produced annually in this digital world, the conventional technologies cannot keep up with it or analyze to produce valuable insights for the workforce to take necessary actions. There is a deluge of data types at increasing velocities.

Currently, IT operations team is spending more time in sharing or interpreting the data produced by the various ITIM monitoring tools which monitors and collates the availability and resource utilization metrics of servers, networks, database instances, hypervisors and storage.

Clients are seeking vendors who can provide the following benefits

  • Provide better diagnosis capability to improve the accuracy of anomaly detection and alerting
  • Provide unified dashboards with better user interfaces across various domains
  • Vendors who can provide both on-premise and SaaS based service offerings
  • Without any restrictions to their own environment (Ex: Amazon Web Services [AWS] CloudWatch)
  • Better tools to monitor the health of the devices and capture interesting data from the environment where the devices are deployed

GAVS’ Solution

Leveraging our experience in providing Service Desk and managed IT infrastructure services across industries, GAVS developed an AIOps based TechOps platform that enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM. (ZIF).  ZIF’s components Discover,, Monitor, Analyze, Predict and Remediate, collaborate with each other and prepares IT organizations to aspire for incident free enterprise.

AIOps based TechOps platform consists of AIOps based Predictive Analytics & Automation platform which provides cost-effective and efficient solution for service desk clients across geographies. It has helped us provide FCR over 80% and cost savings in the range of 30-40% for our clients.

Gartner describes ‘AIOps Platform’ as using big data, modern machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies “to, directly and indirectly, enhance IT operations (monitoring, automation and service desk) functions with proactive, personal and dynamic insight.” And it sees AIOps platforms as taking data from all those different domain-specific monitoring tools to provide a centralized, unified view of operations.

GAVS’ AIOps platform – the application of AI and machine-learning (ML) technologies to IT operations to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues even before service desk agents become aware of those issues. Our ML model is trained to process all types of data generated by your monitoring systems. The data generated from the IT operations monitoring tools are aggregated and correlated using advance machine learning algorithms. It enables enterprises to view day-to-day functioning of IT operations using Unified Dashboard, leading to improved transparency and setting expectations with users, to reduce negative CSAT. The AIOps platform integrates with our automation platform and automates common and repetitive tasks / work.

Predictive algorithms enable technicians to pre-empt and resolve incidents. It provides the status of tickets through dynamic visualization and uses statistical models on past incidents to help assign accurate estimated time to resolve issues thereby improving customer satisfaction.

By introducing or integrating, GAVS’ AIOps Platform with <<Client>> existing environment “A day in the life of Service Desk agent” will be transformed as depicted in the below image

GAVS’ Solutions

We will implement AIOPs based Analytics Platform on top of existing ITSM tool and provide the following solution

AIOps Platform

  • Automated pattern discovery and prediction – Our AIOps platform goes through a three-stage process of data aggregation, analysis and visualization. The platform uses AI and ML algorithms to correlate events that are generated from various monitoring tools and then proactively identifies risks based on patterns that are occurring in the environment
    • Event Correlation though events / logs / alerts aggregation from multiple OS, applications, correlate them using ML & NLP techniques to identity the root cause quickly
    • Reduce ‘false positives’ through correlation by Pattern recognition and machine-learning capabilities
    • Faster root cause analysis through correlation
  • ZIF uses ML and predictive techniques to identify an event that can turn into a high severity incident even before it reached the service desk agent
  • ZIF can perform Level-0 Triaging of incidents and assign it to the appropriate desk agent
  • Social Media Integration – We have integrated our AIOPs platform with leading social media platforms such as Facebook@work, WhatsApp and Twitter to provide enhanced user experience. The end users can raise issues or service requests through Facebook, from any place or device, and they can automatically connect with Service Desk team
  • AI Voice Assistance – GAVS Virtual Assistant can handle customer requests from websites, mobile apps, consumer messaging apps and social networks like Facebook@work, WhatsApp and Twitter and resolve some of the repetitive service requests like unlocking accounts, resetting passwords, even complex tasks like providing access to folders.

By 2020, 20% of citizens in developed countries will use AI assistants to help them with an array of operational tasks”

Organizations report a reduction of up to 70 percent in call, chat and/or email inquiries after implementing a VCA, according to Gartner

  • AI Aided Chatbots – Our Chatbots will deliver next generation intelligent customer service. Our Chatbots will offer conversational experience using artificial intelligence and natural language processing and act like Human-like Advisor and resolve repetitive service requests. For example: It can understand questions and gives the user the most relevant answer

“By 2020, the average person will have more conversations a day with bots than they do with their spouse”

  • ZIF’s  custom developed Unified Dashboard offers 360° view offers view of the enterprise. It enables enterprises to view day-to-day functioning of IT operations, leading to improved transparency and setting expectations with users, to reduce negative CSAT.
  • Creates a knowledge base for faster remediation leveraging past experience
  • ZIF’s  custom developed Unified Dashboard offers 360° view offers view of the enterprise. It enables enterprises to view day-to-day functioning of IT operations, leading to improved transparency and setting expectations with users, to reduce negative CSAT.
  • Creates a knowledge base for faster remediation leveraging past experience

Implementation Approach

ZIF can be deployed as SaaS platform in Microsoft Azure or can be hosted locally within <Client> premise.

The decision of hosting the platform lies with you. The <client> should provide required compute resources (VM, OS, DB) and Network connectivity if hosted on-premises.