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With businesses going increasingly digital, providers, payors, and life sciences organizations jumping on the digital band wagon will reap the associated benefits of better quality and cost savings. GAVS’ product engineering capabilities will ensure innovative products delivered in accelerated timelines to help meet business imperatives and market demands.

Our software product engineering services are led by AI/ML, Automation, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, & DevSecOps. We empower healthcare and healthcare IT companies to innovate and develop modern healthcare applications through platform/product engineering, re-engineering, development, sustenance & evolution.

Knowledge of pivotal members/technologies like EHR, care management systems, patient owned devices, key apps of the healthcare ecosystem, and strict regulatory compliance enable us to build the right product for you.

We Help You:

  • Achieve rapid innovation & time to market using Agile methodologies
  • Drive better patient adoption & engagement with human-centric design
  • Achieve zero defect applications with AI-led automated testing
  • Maintain high levels of data security through adoption of security best practices
  • Proactively manage IT incidents & security threats
  • Adhere to regulations and standards, and effectively manage data ownership
  • Scale effortlessly to meet fluctuating demands and deliver high performance

Product Engineering for Healthcare: