Operational Intelligence

  • Identify under/over utilization through analysis of chronic disease management program (PR)*
  • Predicting outpatient to inpatient conversion (PR)
  • Forecasting out-patient volume (PR)
  • Optimizing staffing levels (PR)
  • Forecasting  Inventory Needs Of Hospitals (PR)*
  • Purchasing Optimization*

Financial Intelligence

  • Identify patients at-risk for readmission and enable timely clinical interventions (PR)
  • Quantification of cost of Readmission based on historic bundling (PR)
  • Bundle formation using AI/ML for accurate pricing (PA/PR)
  • Claims Auto-Adjudication (PA)
  • Predicting risk of non-payment/rejection for Claims (PR)
  • Auto ICD Code Mapping Based On Medical Descriptions (PR)

Population Health

  • Population health analytics to drive premium setting  (PA)
  • Medication Adherence Prediction (PR)
  • Monitor health of patient cohort – Identify eligible patients for preventative interventions (PA/PR)
  • User generated data to drive early clinical interventions in population health management (PR)

Clinical intelligence

  • Patient Severity Segmentation to identify High-Risk patients for pro-active treatment plan (PR)
  • Identify factors influencing outcome for any particular clinical disorder (PR)
  • Predict LOS for defined illnesses (PR)
  • Patient Illness Prevention/Next disease prediction (PR)*
  • Immersive Patient Experience (PR)
  • Improve patient satisfaction index (PR)

Device Intelligence

  • Zero Downtime Platform (ZIF Platform) Powered  Medical Device Telemetric Ingestion, Monitoring, Failure Prediction and Remediation