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With initial fears of data security allayed and the enormous advantages weighed in, the healthcare industry is now accelerating the shift to cloud.

GAVS’ cloud capabilities will help you transition from on-premise to the cloud seamlessly, regardless of your cloud adoption maturity. Experience significant transformation in all segments of your healthcare operations, reduce provider/payor costs, and improve patient outcomes with GAVS’ HealthCloud Enablement Services.

We help you:

  • Reduce capital expenses and move to an affordable pay-as-you-go model
  • Manage resources better and scale to meet fluctuating demands
  • Enhance availability & performance of clinical applications
  • Achieve top-tier data security, privacy & compliance
  • Eliminate service downtime with robust disaster recovery
  • Access integrated, holistic patient information, even on-the-go
  • Give patients greater control over their data and health with cloud applications

Cloud Advisory Services

GAVS’ Cloud Readiness Framework will define the migration strategy from on-premise to cloud. This will consider all the risks, security compliance such as HIPAA, applications’ feasibility and Return on Investment.


Cloud Migration Services

GAVS’ Cloud Migration Framework will seamlessly migrate all your clinical workflow applications to cloud infrastructure. Framework also includes DevSecOps implementation for uninterrupted patient services.


Hybrid Cloud Management

GAVS’ reusable templates will enable your healthcare applications for a hybrid cloud environment. Tool-based automation for service fulfillment and maintenance. GAVS’ financial model will give you a detailed visibility of cloud spend.