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Healthcare is well positioned to reap the benefits of process automation, due to the multitude of repetitive tasks and processes that providers, payors, medtechs, and life sciences companies perform routinely to meet regulatory compliance such as physician credentialing, CMS reporting, HEDIS Reporting, Scheduling, Eligibility Verification, Claims Processing,  to name a few.

GAVS’ technical competencies and partnerships empower us to identify early targets for automation in your organization, design automation solutions, guide process change management, and then implement automation, with complete alignment to your business goals.  

We help you:

  • Identify automation targets
  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Increase productivity by reducing manual processes
  • Achieve higher accuracies through error reduction
  • Enhance revenue management
  • Improve patient and employee experience



  • Data Entry and Migration
  • Patient Access Processes (Scheduling, Registration, Pre-authorization, Eligibility Verification, …)
  • Billing and Claims Processing


  • Provider Credentialing
  • Initial Claims Processing
  • Claims Adjudication Process
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Contract Management


  • Billing Processes
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Regression Testing

Life Sciences

  • Core Business Processes – FDA Compliance, Product Labelling Updates, Reconciling Shipment Documentation, …
  • Report Generation and Visualization