Integrated & Bundled Apps with Microsoft Teams/Skype

Providers now request new features from their technology partners to include connective tools for advanced specialty treatment — cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, infectious disease, neurosurgery so they can provide integrated care.


Microsoft Cloud For Healthcare – Resell & Implement

Technology companies have prioritized cybersecurity solutions to encrypt confidential data and international compliance standards and privacy regulations, in addition to offering capabilities to retain and restore data.


Patient Engagement Enhancements

  • Cognitive Chatbots & Physician apps
  • Voice Recognition, Language Understanding for foreign language patients, Ink recognition, Emotional AI

Device Intelligence: Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

(Personal Health Devices – ZcIF)

RMP is done through interconnected smart devices that virtually allow physicians and patients to engage in a meaningful conversation. Eliminating downtime of these devices, could be key to delivering seamless, timely services and eliminating unwanted cost.


Patient 360: Personal Health Records Integration with IoMT

Ingest data  from personal health devices  and link them with the patient profiles  maintained at the hospital  level, contribute towards a bigger  and  more comprehensive  patient 360 and subsequent analytics.



IP Solution to allow Providers to access internal patient information data through a secure environment.