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Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm, and healthcare isn’t any different.

Our AI-led operations management services powered by our proprietary AIOps Platform ZIF will help you achieve a Zero Clinical Interruptions Enterprise – with ZIF at the helm, taking care of your IT infrastructure. ZIF takes the worry out of infrastructure and device management, and frees up your bandwidth for strategic initiatives. 

We help you:

  • Increase availability and performance of clinical applications and services
  • Reduce IT operational costs
  • Reduce clinical workflow interruptions
  • Reduce incidents through prediction & proactive remediation of critical applications & tools
  • Accelerate issue resolution through precise root cause identification
  • Report on key performance metrics
  • Respond to fluctuating demands through a frictionless IT infrastructure
  • Improve clinical workforce & patient experience through consistent uptime of services
  • Avoid costly service disruptions and firefighting through automated disaster recovery
  • Increase compliance through automated remediation and access control



Datacenter Monitoring

  • UPS, voltage & temperature, connectivity, table space, relocation status and DB and non-DB faults
  • Racks: PDU, thermostat, fan, physical access, smart patch panels

Servers & Storage

  • Server & storage health check
  • Cluster failover, OS & Hypervisor
  • PSU, san, NIC, CPU & memory
  • Memory, stuck threads, JDBC parameters & availability

Network Infrastructure

  • LAN & WAN health check
  • Bandwidth, availability & cluster failover
  • PSU, fan, CPU & memory

Backup Monitoring/Backup Process

  • Daily/weekly/monthly jobs
  • Monitoring backup queues
  • Backup restoration monitoring
  • Job failures & long running jobs
  • Running batch / apps job manually

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • Secure – Multi-factor authentication
  • Compliant – HITECH & NIST standards
  • Cost-Effective – Helps achieve accelerated ROI with improved deployment speed, and less energy consumption
  • Software Engineering for MedTech & Clinical Devices