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GS Lab and GAVS join hands

Sumit Ganguli
Chief Executive Officer

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.”  –  Bruce Barton

GS Lab and GAVS Technologies are coming together to form GS Lab | GAVS. GS Lab has been focused on Digital Product Engineering and has built a strong technical competency in the areas of Communications, 5G, Networking, Multi-Cloud Management, user experience, IoT and data science, while GAVS has been transforming operations and managed services of healthcare and BFS enterprises with technologies such as AI/ML, Cloud and Blockchain.

GS Lab | GAVS propose to combine and jointly address their core competencies. Together, we would be 4000 employees strong, with operations in the US, UK, ME, and India and delivery centers in Pune, Vadodara, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

The Digital Product Engineering sector catering to independent software companies and product companies that are trying to make their physical products connected and intelligent is one of the fastest-growing sectors. These product companies want to engineer highly complex multidisciplinary products while reducing their time to market. Thanks to its DNA, genesis, competencies, and successful client engagements, GS Lab has been addressing the challenges in this sector, especially for Medical Devices and Fintech companies. Together we are poised to evolve as a key player here. GS Lab | GAVS has strong technology competencies around industry-leading products such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Avaya, IBM, OneLogin and Data Management tools like Snowflake, Databricks etc.

GAVS has been working with Healthcare Providers, Payors, and Life Science companies for over a decade and there is a major focus to enable digital transformation to improve reach and experience of patients, providers, members, and reduce inefficiencies in the processes and infrastructure. Our is an AIOps platform that aims to create an enterprise that is trending towards zero downtime using re-enforcement learning and predictive analytics. GAVS has also been working with BFS clients in the ME and the US.

GS Lab | GAVS has fostered a symbiotic relationship with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and our patented AI algorithm has been developed with them. Our solutions would strengthen the security posture and enable data driven decision systems with advanced analytics and AI/ML. We also work with other leading academic colleges to create a vibrant work force.

GS Lab | GAVS is privileged that some of the industry leaders, Keith Pitts, former Vice Chairman of Tenet Health, a Healthcare industry veteran and Pramod Bhasin, Founder and former CEO of Genpact, have joined us as board members. Senior leaders like Sarah Diamond, former MD of IBM Financial Services & Chairman of IBM Academy, Al Melina, former MD at Bearing Point, KPMG, Joe Makoid, CEO of Software Companies and William Aimetti, Former CIO and COO of DTCC are advisors to GS Lab | GAVS, and they play a key role in the Go-To-Market and competency building strategies. GS Lab | GAVS has strong technology and domain leaders and through our partnership with academia and R&D, there is a pursuit for strong technological excellence.

GS Lab | GAVS will be based on the bulwark of our immutable values of Respect, Integrity, Trust and Empathy and all our interactions with our colleagues, partners and clients are and shall be built on these tenets. It is among our priorities to emerge as one of the better workplaces for women. To that end, we have programs and policies in place to encourage, support and mentor our women colleagues.

Our focus is to create a vibrant combined entity that will enable our colleagues to meet their professional aspirations and build on the culture of technological innovation and client centricity. We will jointly work towards our magnificent obsession – to create a compelling future for our employees, clients, and other stakeholders. We look forward to initiating a dialogue with all our stake holders.