Governance, Risk and Complaince


GS Lab | GAVS established CoE for Governance, Risk & Compliance, help meet the enterprise security objectives by defining the policies, end-end risk management and assists with all the compliance requirements. We bring in a security aware culture through training and awareness and reduce the business downtime through robust BCM process.

Our stalwart security practitioners are onboarded to Design, Plan and Implement GRC Framework. Our extensive collaboration with GRC product vendors ensures collaborative efforts to build business resilience.

We improve customer satisfaction with updated ISO Certifications across all security domains needs.GS Lab | GAVS’ proficiency in governance give organizations confidence to handle the cybersecurity responsibilities.


  • Business impact due to Enterprise level risks will be reduced
  • Performance reviews and monitoring of the Business functions/third party will help to reduce cyber threats
  • Increased Compliance across security function
  • Visibility into the risks that the organisation / vendors are facing currently

Explore our GRC services

Identity Gov/ IMA Gov/ Gov

Managing user identities, governance access lifecycle and protecting previlege access for administration

Risk Management

Identifying potential attacks and Eliminating the financial impact with Risk assessment, Third party Risk assessment and Management, Risk governance

Compliance Testing

HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance suppor, IT control testing

Policies & Standards

Standardizing and adhering to current Industry best practices of Policies & Standards

Data Security Governance

Information Security Office, Cyber Governance, Cybersecurity Management

Audit & Certification

ISO, PCI, ISAE18, Statuary Audit ISO Certification support

Training & Awareness

Security training and awareness, phishing attack simulation

Security Assurance

Ensuring business protection against cyberattacks and security breaches

Case studies

  • Providing Security and Resilience as an End-to-End IT Partner – Our customer is one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare organizations in New York City. They required integrated cyber security solutions to prevent cyberattacks for their high-risk IT and business environments. We provided a unified view of entire digital estate to help tackle emerging threats quickly reducing the cost.
  • A robust Endpoint Security solutions for one of the largest Business Consulting firm in US – World’s largest public relations firm required to migrate more than 2,000 endpoints from older Symantec Endpoint Protection to the latest version. GS Lab | GAVS migrated the endpoints by using tool-based automation. This resulted into improved endpoint security coverage, reduced time in handling security incidents, and remediation of the endpoint risks.
  • Robust Application Security with DevSecOps for Healthcare Improvement Company – Our customer required an assessment of the current state of application security, and secure their internal and external facing applications. We provided end-to-end application security, continuous monitoring, and Integrated security into the development pipeline through DevSecOps, resulting into prevention of data breaches and an effective application security.
  • Robust Security and Resilience for Leading Healthcare Insurer – Our client faced several challenges due to the high-risk IT environment that had many unidentified security vulnerabilities and had Lack of visibility into threat landscape. To secure their applications, we provided 24×7 remote SOC, with threat hunting, SIEM fine-tuned for user behavior analysis which resulted into 300% acceleration of security incident discovery and 35% reduction in false positives from SIEM and FIM

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