GAVS will showcase its healthcare and technology capabilities at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2018. This is a great opportunity for Companies to leverage GAVS’ expertise in advanced Infrastructure Management Services to continually work on improving their assets for a more sustainable Healthcare System.

Collaborating with GAVS Technologies enables healthcare providers to focus on Smart data (on the type of data that they have, the volume of data, and the validity of that data) instead of just Big Data. It would help ensure that your infrastructure is geared up to meet the challenges of healthcare domain through its expert support from their various infrastructure management services – Automation, Zero Incident Framework, DevOps, Smart Machines and GAVel (their proprietary analytics solution).

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Promote Patient Engagement Initiatives:

Healthcare organizations are making patient engagement and experience a top priority. Engaging patients and providing care that is respectful and responsive to individual needs is key to moving toward a patient-centric care. It also drives improved care and quality, linked to controlling costs and is an important differentiator in an increasingly competitive healthcare market.

GAVS’ Advanced analytics expertise helps to close the gap between the clinicians’ desire to do right by the patient and the ability to do it seamlessly and cost-effectively that collectively redefines the healthcare experience.
As the industry sets its sights on strategic patient experience improvement, research from PwC suggest that the solution is systemic: 73% of provider executives say, balancing patient satisfaction and employee job satisfaction is a barrier to efforts to improve the patient experience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based computing in healthcare is trending. The cloud is cost effective and it enables data available when and where it is needed, regardless of location. However, making the adjustment isn’t easy. There are security concerns, interoperability difficulties, technology and compliance challenges. The current estimate is 11% – 17% growth in demand for healthcare resources between 2014 and 2025.

As a Tier-1 Microsoft cloud provider, GAVS can provide cloud support for connected healthcare to support a range of complex, disparate and mission critical applications. It helps hospitals and healthcare providers to use the applications, hardware and services in the ‘pay per use’ model which allows them to avoid heavy capital expenditure on buying and deploying expensive technology.

GAVS helps mitigate these challenges and vulnerabilities to take a significant step in maximizing value for patients and providers alike.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle improvement is vital and challenging right now. Whether it’s the pricing transparencies, high deductibles, delivering great patient experiences, managing denials, automating processes, improving workflows or myriad other initiatives, revenue cycle professionals have their work cut out.

Similarly, the revenue cycle management is navigating in a world where patients are at the heart of organizational strategies and their consumer behavior dictates a new level of thinking about financial services.

Factors driving the growth of RCM market include decreasing reimbursements in the healthcare industry, regulatory mandates for the adoption of electronic health and medical records, government initiatives to boost the adoption of RCM solutions, loss of revenue due to billing errors, and process improvements in healthcare organizations.

New research from Future Marketing Insights suggests that investments in healthcare rev cycle software will soar to $43.3 billion by 2022.

Innovation for Connected Health

Connected health technologies are integral to improving cost and care efficiencies while also improving patient outcomes. As more provider organizations embrace these technologies, they’re facing interoperability, regulatory, and cultural challenges that can deter the full benefit of the technology.

GAVS allows connected health organizations to implement lean processes, smart workflows and collaborative care under One Digital platform. Connected health technologies have the promise of bringing patients closer to their care and their caregivers, improving both the practice and the culture of healthcare. The result is a more intuitive means of managing our health.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare are real. But this next generation technology is still very nascent, and it comes with big challenges with respect to technology, terminology, and how to introduce this potentially transformative solution to existing healthcare workflows.

While AI and ML promise quality care and management, the technology and industry to support them are still a long way ahead.

AI is exploding in popularity due to the immense power to unleash improvements in cost, quality and access. Growth in the AI health market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 40 percent. In the next five years, the health AI market will grow more than 10×2 times.