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Fintech Expertise to Drive Product Transformations

GS Lab | GAVS’ experience across the banking, financial and insurance sectors combined with our product engineering expertise helps Fintech companies reimagine their products & platforms.
We build the right Fintech solutions by bringing in the right experts, skills, technologies & mind-set while helping reduce costs, overheads & risks for Fintech companies. We help them meet their requirements for rapid prototyping, testing and release of critical technology pieces.

Our Offerings and Solutions

FinTech Consulting

Leverage the deep expertise and vast industry knowledge of our FinTech talent pool to identify opportunity areas and meet customer demands with personalized services while saving costs and complying with complex regulations.

End-to-end Financial Software Development

Design and build full-featured FinTech solutions aligned to your business objectives. We will accompany you throughout all stages of the financial product lifecycle.

FinTech Software Integration

Enable seamless integration of FinTech solutions into existing infrastructure for an advanced user experience.

FinTech Software Security & Compliance

Ensure continuous data protection and meet the right security and compliance standards. Leverage the expertise of our cybersecurity experts to combat constant flow of threats.

FinTech Expertise

Supporting your Fintech ideas from PoC and MVP to large-scale market adoption and all-inclusive support, across diverse industry verticals

Lending Solutions

Give your customers a seamless lending experience. We deliver end-to-end suite of solutions for all your lending needs. With deep implementation experience in multiple banks and retailers, we help enterprises do away with tedious manual work, simplify and automate processes while minimizing risks.

Loan Origination and Loan Management

We offer multi-pronged solutions to streamline the loan origination and management process. Reduce loan disbursal cycle time and eliminate manual work while reducing cost of ownership and enabling faster time to market.

Recommendation Engines

Create personalized recommendations for customers through the power of advanced data analytics, AI and ML, for higher customer satisfaction and increased turnover.
Credit Scoring and Automation

Simplify the manual credit scoring process to help make automated and precise credit risk decisions

Document Management

We meticulously apply specialized engineering skills to future-proof your document processing and management system with high scalability to handle large application volumes, complete with efficient data management for better security, compliance and analytics.
3rd Party Integrations
Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party applications and tools for faster development of solutions, reduced development costs and faster time to market.

Cards and Payments

Deploy solutions with minimal disruption to existing ecosystems. From assessment of existing system to architecting the best suited solution in line with the latest trends in the payment industry, our offerings help you deliver the ultimate digitized user experience.

Payment Gateway Integrations
Deliver optimized payment solutions with cutting-edge tools for seamless, secure, and safe transactions.

Connectors for payment gateways
Build advanced custom payment gateway integrations to meet customer requirements head on.

Banking and Financial Operations

We architect back, middle and front office automation for banks and financial organizations through innovative solutions, engineering expertise, and next-gen technologies to shape new business models and create delightful customer experiences.

Collateral Management

Streamline, digitize and optimize a wide range of collateral management activities across your organization. Build solutions that empower you to handle large volumes of applications, enhance efficiences and manage risks while reducing cost and complexities.

Loan Applications & Payment Systems

Enable efficient document management, manual effort optimization and reduction in errors to deliver an easier and quicker end user experience. Automate loan issuance, get seamless integration of new business systems and rich user experience driven by intuitive systems.

Financial Software and Application Development

We offer powerful and tailored solutions that translate to high performing and user friendly software and applications, that transform the way you deliver financial services.

  • Product development, engineering, and scalability
  • Product implementation & customizations at customer sites
  • Application support and management
  • Integrations & connector development
  • User experience and design
  • Product performance and security
  • Automated deployments

RPAs of financial workflows and cost audit reports
AIOps-led intelligent automation | 50+ RPA Specialists | Industrialized approach with IPs and Accelerators

With complete alignment to your business goals, we help identify early targets for business process automation, design solutions, guide process change management, and implement the automation solutions. Our Robotic Process Automation solutions enables you to reduce manual efforts for mandatory reporting and cuts down human related errors.


Navigate through the constantly evolving regulatory landscape with future-ready technologies.

Compliance reports
Increase transparency, monitor risks, and drive standardization through AI, ML, Advanced Analytics and RPA solutions.

  • Report automation
  • Sophisticated dashboards
  • Highly configurable reports
  • Flexible architecture


With deep understanding of insurance processes and implementation experience across multiple banks, we help balance the needs of insurers, banks, and platform stakeholders through:

  • Insurance aggregator platform
  • Agent onboarding workflows
  • Agent and customer KYC workflows
  • Product mix and custom configuration for clients

Our Technology Competencies

Sector Tech Expertise – the Pedestal for Our Offerings

Data Analytics AI/ML

Leverage our deep technology expertise across the complete data science spectrum to enable informed decision-making and improve your profitability margins.

  • Big Data
  • Visualizations
  • Streaming analytics
  • Machine learning models
  • Predictions
  • Data engineering


Drive agility, scalability, and faster deployment through our end-to-end cloud enablement services.

  • Cloud-native engineering
  • Cloud assessment
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud consulting
  • Public, Private and Hybrid cloud expertise (AWS, Azure, GCP & OpenStack)
  • Virtualization


Improve Security Confidence across Customers.
At GS Lab | GAVS, a unique mix of financial and technical expertise enables us to provide a holistic view of cyber security needs and address gaps with appropriate strategies aligned to enterprise needs and objectives.

  • Identity management
  • Privileged identity management
  • Provisioning
  • Single Sign-on
  • Threat vulnerability assessment
  • Governance risk management

Our Accelerators

Developed In-house to Streamline Fintech Functions

vKYC is a secure AI-driven video KYC or CIP solution which allows businesses to verify and onboard their customers remotely over video calls. It captures the customer details in real-time through AI-driven face match, liveness detection, geo-tagging, and OCR based eKYC verification of the documents.
Key Benefits

  • Complies with RBI guidelines for video-based customer
  • Identification process (V-CIP)
  • Boots up sales operations
  • Reduces customer drop-offs
  • Reduces back-office overheads

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Success Stories

Catalyst partner for an InsurTech startup, enabling reduced costs and time to market

GS Lab | GAVS offered an end-to-end solution under one roof. We showed the flexibility of scaling teams up or down without affecting productivity.

Reducing report generation time from 9 months to few weeks for a large commodities exchange house

We designed and developed efficient centralized mandates for building and generating reports across multiple trade repositories, helping save a lot of effort.

Making cardless finance available at the point of sale for a lending startup

We helped roll out a fully functional product for cardless financing within extremely tight deadlines. Through integrations, multiple lenders and merchants were connected resulting in a spike in total lending through the client platform.

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