Remote End-point Management: Making Remote Working Successful

The accelerated shift of enterprise workforces to remote work from home environment has brought significant challenges for IT decision makers. Empowering employees as well as your IT environment, means ensuring security, productivity, and efficient management of end-points. Now, more than over, organizations need to adopt modern and integrated security solutions which connect, authenticate, and protect remote devices and employees.

Join us for this webinar as industry experts discuss how AIOps can effectively manage your end-points and drive business continuity.

Discussion Points:

  • Is your team spending more time making your end-user devices compliant?
  • Ensuring employee identity authentication in the remote working environment
  • Integrated solution to keep your end-user devices secure
  • Reducing the cost of end-user support
  • How can you transition your end-user environment to “near zero incidents’’?

New Challenges in Application Security


Kannan Srinivasan – Associate Vice President, Customer Success

Daniel Lopez – Sales Manager, Hdiv Security

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Organizations are being challenged by increasing demands for always-on, reliable, and secure application services to meet their internal and customer needs. This fuels an environment of rapid, iterative development and deployment of applications in production. To enable this agility, it has become ever more necessary for businesses to use models that allow them to automate their processes as much as possible. In this context, from an application security point of view, several new challenges and risks arise. Therefore, solutions that provide greater visibility and proactive control of vulnerabilities and attacks throughout the application life cycle (including QA and Production) are gaining critical importance.

In this Webinar from GAVS, in collaboration with Hdiv Security, we will discuss DevSecOps and how the new IAST and RASP approaches can help security teams detect vulnerabilities in their applications in real-time (including cloud environments), and protect their integrity even if the infrastructure has been compromised. We will look at how these approaches have been implemented in real use cases and will follow it with a live demo of the solution.

Discussion Points: 

  • GAVS & Hdiv Security: An Introduction
  • Realities of Web applications and their Impact on Security
  • IAST & RASP: Innovative approaches for DevSecOps
  • Implementation in Real Use Cases
  • Live Demo of the Solution

Webinar | VDI – The only vaccine for all remote working variants!

As an organization bracing yourself for the long haul of remote working, we are certain you are either planning on a desktop/laptop refresh program or looking for long-term solutions for your digital workspace needs. Given the new normal, Gartner forecasts that the number of DaaS users will grow by over 150% between now and 2023!

Join us for this webinar on how our Desktop Virtualization Solution zDesk (VDI + DaaS) could be your best IT decision ever! While zDesk costs are much lesser than a desktop, it offers so much more – secure mobility, scalability, and simplicity. And that’s not all – driven by the power of AI, zDesk can self-monitor and self-heal!

Hear from one of our customers on how zDesk has impacted them 360o!

Key Discussion Points:

  • Improving your bottom line with zDesk
  • Complex capabilities but simplified adoption
  • Long term solution with robust security, rapid deployment & scalability
  • AI-led self-monitoring & self-healing features

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AI Driven ITOps Automation to Improve Service Reliability

The lesser the human touch on systems, the better their reliability! It is more efficient to enable systems to self-resolve issues as appropriate, than through manual intervention. This approach not only improves service reliability but also reduces defects and decreases costs.

Join us for this webinar as industry experts discuss how AI helps in Automation and Service Reliability.

Discussion Points: 

  1. Is AI-driven automation different from normal automation?
  2. Enabling service reliability through automation
  3. Towards zero defects using intelligent automation with AI/ML
  4. Enhanced end-user experience through improved service reliability
  5. Cost reduction due to predictive insights & proactive resolution

Healthcare Analytics – Enabling an intelligent Healthcare Organization

Discussion points:

  • Join the dots in healthcare data for meaningful insights
  • Shift focus to ‘Wellness Care’ from ‘Sick Care’ with predictive & prescriptive intelligence
  • Gain revenue insights to meet new payment models
  • Obtain service-level clinical insights for evidence-based safety protocols
  • Manage population health using social determinants of health to provide predictive and prescriptive insights


Saji Rajasekharan – Vice President Software Engineering, Clinical Intelligence – Premier, Inc

Srinivasan Sundararajan – Vice President, Technology, GAVS Technologies

Kushboo Goel – Senior Consulting Manager, Solutions & Strategy, GAVS Technologies


Balaji Uppili – Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies

Growing Importance of Service Reliability & Role of AIOps


Shriranga Mulay – CTO, Netmagic, NTT Ltd.,
Dr. Nandan Sudarsanam – Associate Professor, Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IIT Madras
Chandramouleswaran Sundaram – Vice President, IP & Infra Services, GAVS Technologies


Balaji Uppili – Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies

Revolutionizing QA with AI and Automation

Well, even with a robust QA process, it is near impossible to accurately emulate & test all pathways that actual users will take with the application in real-time – unless of course, you are an AI script generator! Break the vicious cycle of unexpected production issues & firefighting with AI & Automation-led QA!
Join us for this webinar to find out more.

Discussion Points:

  1. Traditional QA to new-age AI-based QA
  2. coverage, scalability, & resilience in one go
  3. Functional testing to performance, load, and security testing – all in one platform
  4. Auto remediation of issues by the power team – AI & Automation
  5. integration of AI testing & DevSecOps
  6. The holy grail of fully autonomous, and self-healing scripts!

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  • Balaji Uppili , Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies


  1. Uliana Koshy, AVP Customer Success, GAVS Technologies
  2. Jigar Pithwa, Senior Sales Engineer, Appvance

Healthcare Data Management : Challenges & Opportunities

Speakers – Kushboo Goel, Senior Consulting Manager, Solutions & Strategy, GAVS Technologies

Srinivasan Sundararajan – Vice President, Technology, GAVS Technologies

Moderator – Balaji Uppili, Chief Customer Success Manager, GAVS Technologies

The rate at which healthcare data is being generated at various touchpoints – both inside and outside the managed care setting, is growing exponentially. Although most Payors and Providers have access to structured and unstructured healthcare data, the disparate landscape and operational silos make the management of data difficult. A robust data management strategy is essential to effectively manage the data and leverage the same to generate actionable insights to help improve the holistic health of members and patients.

Discussion Points: 

  • How has data changed in healthcare?
  • Are EMR/EHRs positioned to absorb the increasing changes in data?
  • Key regulations impacting how data is handled
  • Key challenges faced by Providers/Payors/Patients
  • Maturity of the current clinical and non-clinical data capture mechanisms
  • How GAVS’ services can make a difference in healthcare big data management