Achieving Healthcare IT Security Resilience on Hybrid Infrastructures

Cyber resilience needs to be part of business strategy for success in the digital era – and more so for the vulnerable healthcare industry. The spread of modern healthcare infrastructure across on-premise and cloud, increasing adoption of telehealth, medical wearables, and IoMT has spawned new risks in healthcare security.

GS Lab | GAVS is excited to host this webinar in association with Amazon, a leader in integrated cyber protection solutions. Empaneled with industry leaders with extensive experience in the healthcare cybersecurity space, this is a must-attend webinar!

Key Discussion Points:
• Securing modern healthcare infrastructure – the unique threats and challenges
• Risks in IGA for hybrid infrastructure models
• Comprehensive access management solutions from Amazon to elevate security posture
• Is there such a thing as fail proof cyber resilience?
• Future trends in IGA

Digital Product Engineering: Designing Your Future

Business agility is key and constant innovation is critical to succeed in the new digital business. Staying relevant demands quick yet meaningful adoption of emerging technologies and modern products that are high-performing and deliver compelling user experiences. To keep up with this digital hyper growth, software development has morphed into digital product engineering to enable rapid delivery of innovative products and features at scale.

Join us for this very important webinar where eminent industry leaders share their experiences and perspectives on how digital product engineering underpins digital transformation.

Discussion Points 

  • Adapting to the Digital Era – Process, Challenges, Success Criteria
  • Driving Business Transformation through Product Modernization
  • The New Avatar of Software Development – Digital Product Engineering
  • Management Buy-In for the Big Digital Shift

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Ransomware in Healthcare – A Post Pandemic View

The pandemic changed the way technology was adopted, especially in the Healthcare Provider space. Newer healthcare models like Telehealth, Care at Home, and connected medical devices accelerated the proliferation of technology. However, this ushered in a new challenge: the exponential rise in cyberattacks.

According to a Sophos report, “The State of Ransomware in Healthcare 2022,” 66% of healthcare organizations were hit by ransomware last year; 34% more than in 2020. Healthcare organizations are not only heavily dependent on sensitive data like patient records, they are custodians of this information as well. This is why they are victims of ransomware attacks.

  • So how do you protect your organization?
  • How can healthcare records be safeguarded from such cybercrimes?
  • How do you protect your patient confidentiality?

Join us for an engaging webinar where our cybersecurity and healthcare experts discuss how these ransomware attacks have evolved and what healthcare providers can do to shield their sensitive data from such threats.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • The post-pandemic evolution of ransomware and cyberattacks in the healthcare domain
  • How to safeguard your data from ransomware
  • Identifying a threat and first steps in the event of an attack
  • Measures to take after the attack

Date: September 22nd, 2022

Time: 11.30 AM EDT/8.30 AM PDT/8.30 PM IST

The essentials to Data Science Success within Organizations

While the need to leverage AI to tap into data insights is widely acknowledged by organizations, their path to successful AI adoption comes with several challenges. Taking a business centric approach, hiring the right resources, and building digital data over time, are some factors that could heavily influence outcomes.

Key Discussion Points: 

  • Augmenting human intelligence with AI
  • Need for the industry to work in tandem with academia to solve challenges
  • Key success factors
    • Project categorization
    • Taking the right approach – critical do’s and don’ts
    • Choosing low hanging use cases with high impact
    • Hiring and nurturing the requisite skillsets
  • Getting proactive with predictive and prescriptive intelligence

Achieving Business Resilience with Robust Cyber and Third – party Risk Management

As cybercrime continues to thrive across the globe, achieving cyber certainty seems to be a delusion for organizations. Achieving cyber resilience, however, is not only an attainable goal but has also become critical to succeed in this digital era. An effective cyber resilience management program requires integrating cybersecurity into business strategy and engaging the entire spectrum of stakeholders in the process for better decision-making.

GAVS is excited to host this very important webinar in association with MetricStream, a leader in IT Risk Management. With a GRC product specialist and a head of cybersecurity practice as the speakers, this is a webinar you cannot afford to miss!

Key Discussion Points:

  • Is there such a thing as Cyber Certainty?
  • Cybersecurity as a Top Business Priority
  • Risk Awareness – Gaining 360o Risk Visibility
  • Real-time Risk Intelligence Powered by AI
  • Driving Risk-aware Business Decisions
  • Towards Integrated Risk Management

NASSCOM TechShack Innovation Summit – Ingenuity 2021

GAVS is a Gold Sponsor at NASSCOM TechShack Innovation Summit 2021. The Summit will discuss and deliberate various aspects of Innovation. It will suggest key aspects that can be considered to nurture and breed Innovation.

Identity Governance and Administration on Hybrid Infrastructure Models

Although it began as a necessity, remote work has now been accepted widely by organizations as a viable long-term arrangement. The shift to a hybrid workforce requiring access to hybrid infrastructure, applications, and as-a-Service (aaS) offerings, has spawned critical risks and challenges in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). Ensuring secure access, compliance, and data protection for this new IT reality mandates a drastic transformation in IGA strategy and an intelligent, next-gen IGA solution.

Join us for this webinar where industry leaders in the Identity and Access Management space discuss why and how these new risks need to be addressed on a war footing with future-proof security and compliance mechanisms.

Key Discussion Points:

  • New challenges and realities in the Identity and Access Management (IDAM) space
  • IDAM implementation challenges in elevating corporate security posture
  • Risks in IGA for hybrid infrastructure models (On-premise, Cloud, Hybrid)
  • Demo of SAVIYNT IGA solution
  • Future trends in IGA

Cybersecurity Threats & Challenges in Healthcare Industry


The pandemic has challenged the resilience of the entire global healthcare information system. There has been a sharp increase in cyberattacks on hospitals, pharma companies, the U.S. dept. of health and human services, the WHO and its partners, and several others.

Please join us for this webinar where industry leaders in the healthcare and cyber security space discuss why and how this needs to be addressed on a war footing and future-proof defense mechanisms that need to be immediately established.