Decode Digital Series – CIO Fireside Chats

ZIF.AI presents Digital DecodeCIO Fireside Chat series on AIOps. CIO leaders from various organizations come together and discuss how AIOps is critical to an organization’s digital transformation strategy.

Key Focus Areas:

  • How AI is the key enabler for digital transformation
  • Real world adoption of AI to induce hyper automation
  • How technology in healthcare has completely changed how patients are more accepting to teleconsultations
  • How covid has helped people to be more accepting of technology

2021 Philadelphia Heart Walk

In the U.S., heart disease and stroke remain the no. 1 and no. 5 killers of people, more than any cause, and likely even more, due to the impact of the novel coronavirus. Survivors of stroke and those living with a cardiovascular disease are more prone to complications and major risks from COVID-19.

The American Heart association, the nation’s oldest and largest not-for-profit organization, dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, is on a mission to advance cardiovascular health for all by raising awareness, and by identifying and removing barriers to health care access and quality. We at GAVS are truly honored and privileged to join and support the AHA’s life saving initiatives.

The 2021 Philadelphia Heart Walk, taking place on Nov 6, 2021, is dedicated to championing the health and well-being of our community and you too can be a part of this mission.  Participating in it will help drive the AHA’s fundraising efforts, celebrate heart & stroke survivors, and empower our constituents to live healthier and happier lives.  The past editions of the Heart Walk have proven that no matter where we are, we can unite and stand together for a common cause.

We count on you to join the mission of saving lives for generations to come. Let’s protect hearts in the community!


CHIME 21 Fall Forum

Meet us to know more about how GAVS empowers providers, payers, life sciences, and health tech organizations to accelerate their digital healthcare transformation through AI-Powered Solutions & Services for AIOps led Business Service Assurance, Software Product Engineering, AI-as-a-Service, and Cyber Security/Data Privacy.

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CHIME’s Spring Forum

GAVS is an AI-powered technology organization working with companies across the healthcare value chain – payors, providers, medical technology companies, and life sciences organizations. Our mission is to drive excellence across the care continuum while reducing costs. GAVS’ solutions & services are pivoted on a Digital First strategy led by AI/ML, Automation, Analytics, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and DevSecOps.  

It would be an honor to explain how our solutions & services are able to drastically drive down healthcare costs while increasing operational efficiencies.  

We are excited at the opportunity to meet you! Amazon voucher raffles for our guests!

To Know More About our Healthcare Solutions – CLICK HERE 

GAVS – Artha Forum

At GAVS, we aspire to be a company with a purpose; committed to delight out clients through innovative and enabling technologies.

Artha Forum ( was created to connect entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders over the common ground of “Earn With Integrity, Spend With Compassion”. Artha Forum endeavors  to support individuals and business houses to translate this into practical action through events, conferences, training, and literature.

Artha Forum have conducted events in the UK, US, India and Singapore and have been able to attract the senior most business leaders, silicon valley entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, bankers and executives to these events.

Keynote Speaker: HH Bhakti Rasamrit Swami

Evolving technologies, its effect on Humanity, an enabler or disabling.

HH Bhakti Rasamrit Swami is a world renowned spiritualist and he has been travelling extensively around the world and has been lecturing on the tenets of vedic and vaishnav scriptures. He has a degree in Electronics Engineering, an MBA and has worked as a banker, before he decided to pursue the path of higher learning. He is a gifted and insightful speaker.

Panel discussion by the Vice Chairman and ex- CEO of India’s leading IT company; well known actress and activist; Professor of Innovation and Robotics.

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