The essentials to Data Science Success within Organizations

Join us for this all-important webinar hosted by GAVS where thought leaders from GAVS and IIT Madras will share their learnings from several AI and data science implementation experiences.

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The essentials to Data Science Success within Organizations

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While the need to leverage AI to tap into data insights is widely acknowledged by organizations, their path to successful AI adoption comes with several challenges. Taking a business centric approach, hiring the right resources, and building digital data over time, are some factors that could heavily influence outcomes.

Key Discussion Points: 

  • Augmenting human intelligence with AI
  • Need for the industry to work in tandem with academia to solve challenges
  • Key success factors
    • Project categorization
    • Taking the right approach – critical do’s and don’ts
    • Choosing low hanging use cases with high impact
    • Hiring and nurturing the requisite skillsets
  • Getting proactive with predictive and prescriptive intelligence