17 Mar 2021
  • India and Middle East
  • 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Revolutionizing QA with AI and Automation

Your fully tested product is in the hands of the customer now. With so many issues in production, you wonder what went wrong and where! Is it the fault of the dev team, the QA team, or the customer?!

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Revolutionizing QA with AI and Automation

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Well, even with a robust QA process, it is near impossible to accurately emulate & test all pathways that actual users will take with the application in real-time – unless of course, you are an AI script generator! Break the vicious cycle of unexpected production issues & firefighting with AI & Automation-led QA!
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Discussion Points:

  1. Traditional QA to new-age AI-based QA
  2. coverage, scalability, & resilience in one go
  3. Functional testing to performance, load, and security testing – all in one platform
  4. Auto remediation of issues by the power team – AI & Automation
  5. integration of AI testing & DevSecOps
  6. The holy grail of fully autonomous, and self-healing scripts!

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  • Balaji Uppili , Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies


  1. Uliana Koshy, AVP Customer Success, GAVS Technologies
  2. Jigar Pithwa, Senior Sales Engineer, Appvance