15 Sep 2021
  • 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

New Challenges in Application Security

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New Challenges in Application Security

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Kannan Srinivasan – Associate Vice President, Customer Success

Daniel Lopez – Sales Manager, Hdiv Security

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Organizations are being challenged by increasing demands for always-on, reliable, and secure application services to meet their internal and customer needs. This fuels an environment of rapid, iterative development and deployment of applications in production. To enable this agility, it has become ever more necessary for businesses to use models that allow them to automate their processes as much as possible. In this context, from an application security point of view, several new challenges and risks arise. Therefore, solutions that provide greater visibility and proactive control of vulnerabilities and attacks throughout the application life cycle (including QA and Production) are gaining critical importance.

In this Webinar from GAVS, in collaboration with Hdiv Security, we will discuss DevSecOps and how the new IAST and RASP approaches can help security teams detect vulnerabilities in their applications in real-time (including cloud environments), and protect their integrity even if the infrastructure has been compromised. We will look at how these approaches have been implemented in real use cases and will follow it with a live demo of the solution.

Discussion Points: 

  • GAVS & Hdiv Security: An Introduction
  • Realities of Web applications and their Impact on Security
  • IAST & RASP: Innovative approaches for DevSecOps
  • Implementation in Real Use Cases
  • Live Demo of the Solution