11 Mar 2024
15 Mar 2023
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Meet us at HIMSS 2024

GS Lab | GAVS is excited to be part of HIMSS 2024, Join us to experience cutting-edge innovation in healthcare firsthand.

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Meet us at HIMSS 2024

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Booth #4172 | March 11 -15, 2024 | Orlando

 Experience Innovative Technology Solutions for Healthcare of Tomorrow

Booth #4172

Discover the future of healthcare technology at HIMSS 2024 with GS Lab | GAVS. Immerse yourself in next-generation demos, explore how leading healthcare organizations achieve their transformations using GS Lab | GAVS solutions, and engage in discussions about your 2024 goals.

The healthcare sector is currently undergoing a significant transformation, propelled by technological advancements, rising cost constraints, shifting patient and caregiver expectations, and the growing demand for affordable and equitable healthcare access. Join us to explore how we can help solve these challenges for you.

Showcasing at HIMSS 2024

Gen AI

Discover how the fusion of Conversational AI and Gen AI can revolutionize healthcare, easing clinician burnout through innovative solutions and personalized support.

Intelligent Automation

Driven by AI and RPA – find out live how we can automate various used cases across your clinical and nonclinical operations.

AI led Infrastructure Management with ZIF TM

Driven by AIOps and Intelligent Automation, find out how ZIF can help bring 20-30% cost savings on your total cost of IT operations.

CXO Spotlight Session

Generative AI in Healthcare: Hype, Integration, and Future Outlook

Step into the forefront of healthcare innovation by joining us for an insightful panel discussion on the convergence of healthcare and Generative AI (Gen AI). Our upcoming session will dissect the Gen AI buzz, explore its catalysts, and uncover the compelling reasons why integrating this cutting-edge technology into healthcare practices is crucial.

March 12, 2024 | 10.30 AM – 11.30 AM | Room 304E

In the Spotlight

Predictable ROI

Join us for engaging conversation on how we can bring cost savings and predictable return on technology investments through AI and automation.

Scalability and Flexibility

Find out how we have brought scalability and flexibility through Cloud and data management solutions for our customers.

AI led Infrastructure Management with ZIFTM

Providing actionable intelligence on your real-time streaming data, helping with to manage their complete data pipeline right from data acquisition to complex machine learning models

Reduced Clinician burn out

Explore exciting opportunities around Gen AI, Analytical AI and automation to reduce your clinician burnout.

Security & Resilience

Ask on exciting case studies around how we are use AI in the world of cybersecurity.

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