25 Nov 2020
  • Online
  • 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

How will AIOps let IT Managers sleep peacefully?

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How will AIOps let IT Managers sleep peacefully?

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  1. R. Sankaranarayan, Sr.GM – Information Technology, HDFC Ltd
  2. Dr. Nandan Sudarsanam, Assistant Professor, IIT Madras
  3. Chandramouleswaran Sundaram, SVP & Head – Infra Services, GAVS Technologies


  1. Balaji Uppili – Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies

Here are some of the discussion points:

  1. How does AI/ML transform compared to the traditional services teams have been providing?
  2. Is AI/ML a replacement for staff and human teams or does it augment the teams and if so how?
  3. Experts say that AI also helps in digital transformation how does AI really help in such transformation.
  4. People use automation and AI in same vein… How do you distinguish between the 2.
  5. Ai is moving away from just AIOps and can be used in other areas including patient care and other industry  solutions and hence they  feel that it just changes our way of working.
  6. How has AIOps helped some of your enterprises in time to market, end user experience and more importantly deliver business outcomes.