29 Oct 2020
  • Online
  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

How to augment your QA team with AI?

Applications become large and enterprise-wide, new execution models are innovated, corners cut when it comes to testing, time to market is key in this digital world. How do we deliver quality, high user experience and always?

Make a breakthrough in QA with the winning combination of human intuition and AI relentlessness! Join us for this webinar to find out more.  

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How to augment your QA team with AI?

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Discussion Points:

1. Challenges in traditional QA
2. Shifting hard left with AI to crank up QA productivity
3. 100% user flow coverage, scalability, $ resilience with AI-generated scripts
4. Beyond functional testing to performance, load, and security testing
5. Fully autonomous script generation – a possibility?
6. The holy grail of self-healing scripts!

1. Kevin Surace – Chairman & CTO, Appvance.ai
2. Balaji Uppili – Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies
3. Kerrie Hoffman – Strategic Advisor, GAVS Technologies