26 Feb 2021
  • 9:30 pm Onwards

Healthcare Data Management : Challenges & Opportunities

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Healthcare Data Management : Challenges & Opportunities

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Speakers – Kushboo Goel, Senior Consulting Manager, Solutions & Strategy, GAVS Technologies

Srinivasan Sundararajan – Vice President, Technology, GAVS Technologies

Moderator – Balaji Uppili, Chief Customer Success Manager, GAVS Technologies

The rate at which healthcare data is being generated at various touchpoints – both inside and outside the managed care setting, is growing exponentially. Although most Payors and Providers have access to structured and unstructured healthcare data, the disparate landscape and operational silos make the management of data difficult. A robust data management strategy is essential to effectively manage the data and leverage the same to generate actionable insights to help improve the holistic health of members and patients.

Discussion Points: 

  • How has data changed in healthcare?
  • Are EMR/EHRs positioned to absorb the increasing changes in data?
  • Key regulations impacting how data is handled
  • Key challenges faced by Providers/Payors/Patients
  • Maturity of the current clinical and non-clinical data capture mechanisms
  • How GAVS’ services can make a difference in healthcare big data management