GAVS – Artha Forum

GAVS and Artha Forum are humbled to promote the Chennai event on December 20th at 7 pm, at the Hyatt Regency.

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GAVS – Artha Forum

At GAVS, we aspire to be a company with a purpose; committed to delight out clients through innovative and enabling technologies.

Artha Forum ( was created to connect entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders over the common ground of “Earn With Integrity, Spend With Compassion”. Artha Forum endeavors  to support individuals and business houses to translate this into practical action through events, conferences, training, and literature.

Artha Forum have conducted events in the UK, US, India and Singapore and have been able to attract the senior most business leaders, silicon valley entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, bankers and executives to these events.

Keynote Speaker: HH Bhakti Rasamrit Swami

Evolving technologies, its effect on Humanity, an enabler or disabling.

HH Bhakti Rasamrit Swami is a world renowned spiritualist and he has been travelling extensively around the world and has been lecturing on the tenets of vedic and vaishnav scriptures. He has a degree in Electronics Engineering, an MBA and has worked as a banker, before he decided to pursue the path of higher learning. He is a gifted and insightful speaker.

Panel discussion by the Vice Chairman and ex- CEO of India’s leading IT company; well known actress and activist; Professor of Innovation and Robotics.

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