Rising global competitiveness and rapidly changing consumer demands are putting tremendous pressure on enterprises. Complex operations and limited visibility across IT service management areas hinders an enterprise’s ability to optimize cost and productivity.

Moreover, the inability to assess massive amounts of structured and unstructured data sets in real-time makes it difficult to identify anomalies and take quick remedial actions. The need to derive actionable intelligence from the abundant operational data is therefore an imperative in today’s highly connected world.

Businesses across industries are trying to achieve more with less, while managing the complexity and evolving dynamics of modern IT infrastructure and operations. This has led to the increasing adoption of predictive analytics. Using advanced analytics to identify hidden insights within operational data enables organizations to significantly reduce mean time between failures (MTBF), increase operational efficiency, and deliver a ‘WOW’ user experience.

GAVel, the predictive and prescriptive operation analytics tool from GAVS, enables real-time visibility into operations, systems, and user experience through the analysis of streaming IoT-generated data. The tool enables enterprises to maximize the value of their operations by answering three questions:

  • Do I have end-to-end visibility into my operations?
  • Am I able to integrate machine generated data with enterprise data to get a comprehensive view of operations?
  • Can I view and proactively monitor enterprise-wide systems and infrastructure to avoid problems?

To ensure complete transparency and cohesive insight, GAVS leverages operational analysis to view, predict and identify incidents. For example, the tool uses predictive algorithms (GAVel TVM) to identify event patterns and generate metrics. This enables optimization of service levels and identification of both anomalies and opportunities. This, in turn, results in improved service delivery and minimized business disruptions.

GAVel reduces the time to detect, identify and resolve service level issues, thereby lowering SLAs. The holistic solution not only enhances efficiency and productivity but also enriches user experience with increased transparency. User friendly dashboards visually communicate ticket status and provide users multiple access points. For example, the web-based dashboard enables users to view the technicians working on resolving their tickets and the total time they are likely to take. This feature helps technicians pre-empt and resolve standard and oft repeated issues, thereby improving customer satisfaction levels. Dynamic visualization coupled with predictive analytics helps identify potential issues, resulting in quick diagnosis and deployment of corrective actions. The solution’s innovative automation capability and end-to-end visibility into ticket resolution enables better capacity planning across domains. It encourages teams to work towards a common goal, i.e., quickly resolve issues and take preventive steps to avoid similar problems in the future.

As we move towards a demand-driven, digital economy, comprehensive visibility with actionable insights is the single-most important step to achieving superior customer experience and business value. An operation analytics tool such as GAVel can help enhance infrastructure, operations and asset efficiency. In essence, the solution helps reduce risks, prevent failures, manage recovery actions, and provide rich user experience across the enterprise architecture.