We would like to personally welcome you to GAVS’ annual client event enGAge 2018, to be held in Chicago, from 4 – 6th October, 2018, at The Westin Michigan. It’s an exciting time for GAVS as we continue to grow, mindful to remain adaptable, motivated as a responsible partner to our clients, and focused on Customer Success in our engagements.

‘enGAge’ is our annual client event, a platform for our clients to come together to discuss technology trends and ways to integrate future technologies into businesses. We look forward to your participation along with your family, and hope to make it a better than ever success, as each annual enGAge in the past has proven to be.

At enGAge, we strive to bring inspired people together, to ensure GAVS and our clients remain at the cutting edge. The event is planned to deepen business relationships beyond boardrooms and meetings. It is our way of appreciating our clients, an event put together to include the family with lots of fun activities for spouses, partners and children. We truly appreciate your time with us, and, we will work toward making it a memorable time for you and the family.

Since the last enGAge, we have had significant new engagements, and have strengthened our existing engagements. We are continually transforming the way we work and partner, to deepen our work in digital transformation, thru AI and Analytics. We are proud to say that our employees and clients meet the challenges of our industry and continue to excel, and we are humbled to be a part of their journey. We are excited about where we are headed in the technological progress happening across industries.

We welcome you again and thank you for registering and bringing your expertise to enGAge. GAVS continues to grow in our engagements with Leaders like you, your vision, knowledge and experience paves our way into the future. Our employees and clients are our true assets, and your support and patronage has contributed to what we have accomplished so far.

We ask each of you to stay engaged at the conference, we look forward to hosting you.