Rapid Development of Accelerators to Meet Peak Demand for Salesforce Implementations During the Pandemic

Being a Salesforce Platinum Partner with expertise in Experience Cloud, the customer’s product team is responsible for identifying and developing accelerators that address specific use cases, to speed up customer acquisition and delivery. When the pandemic hit, the demand for cloud-based CRM solutions such as Salesforce increased multi-fold, as they provide a way to access customer related data from anywhere and make collaboration with remote team members easy. So, the customer wanted to quickly build many applications/accelerators to meet the need for faster implementations.

Enhanced Performance and Cost Reduction through AWS to GCP Migration

The customer is a global leader in network and cybersecurity services, enabling cyber transformation through their cutting-edge platforms and world class threat intelligence.

The customer was using AWS Glue for serverless data integration across multiple sources, AWS Athena for interactive analytics on their data, and AWS S3 for data storage. However, they wanted to move to Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and Google BigQuery which is a serverless, fully managed, multi-cloud enterprise data warehouse. Through the migration, they hoped to bring down the heavy costs incurred for AWS services, drive improved data availability and enhanced performance for data storage, access, and query execution.

Robust Security through IDAM for Customer Experience Automation Platform

The customer has an AI-powered digital customer experience automation, no-code platform to automate and transform entire customer journeys. The cloud-native, SaaS platform is a complete omni-channel solution delivering intelligent automation with hyper-personalized user experiences. Innovation and faster time to market through rapid solution delivery with little or no code is its USP.

The customer wanted to establish secure access mechanisms for their automation platform. They had developed an authorization service framework, but it needed adapters to communicate with different Identity Providers (IdPs) such as AWS Cognito, OneLogin, Keycloak, and others.

zDesk VDI for Premier

The modernization of the digital workplace has placed an increased emphasis on IT cost and value optimization. In this context, one of the key metrics used to analyze the productivity and cost efficiency of the IT service desk is the number of IT tickets logged per user per month. While the acceptable value for this metric varies by domain, 1.0 is generally considered an optimal number.

Here we present the remarkable story of how GS Lab | GAVS brought that number down to a phenomenal 0.06 at Premier! This was achieved using our proprietary zDesk Platform for VDI and DaaS (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Desktop as a Service).

Enhanced Business Communications Platform through Customized Chatbots and Voicebots

The customer required the development of multiple chatbots, voicebots, and workflows to address the unique challenges of their end customers. The chatbot for one of their end customers had many conflicting intents that had to be resolved, while another required the updation of a bot that had been configured to handle only 4 hotels. This had to be customized to handle 50+ hotels and to be able to manage dynamic changes to hotel information, while also being easy to maintain.

Additionally, a widget for the customer’s platform had a limitation on PUT API calls due to which API integration was not directly feasible. The customer was also looking to retain and extend engagements with their current clientele and so required assistance strategizing their value proposition.

VMware Lab for Leader in Computer Networking

The customer provides an IaaC cloud based platform featuring virtual sandboxed lab environments for each of their products to enable potential customers to get familiar with product features and functionalities.