Jumpstart your Automation Journey with our Test Automation Platform

A Test Automation Platform is critical for modern enterprises. Although the need for one has been well acknowledged, zeroing in on the best suited platform remains a challenge. Implementing the right platform that caters to your business can deliver significantly higher ROI and product quality through test execution speed, testing process accuracy, resource optimization, and cost-effectiveness.

GAVS’ End-to-End Data Privacy Services for Healthcare

Data privacy has always been important but is now being taken more seriously than ever before. With an increasing number of data privacy and data protection regulations across the globe, we are observing a worldwide trend of organizations trying to adopt a multiregional compliance strategy for consumer privacy and personal data security. Some key regulations that global players are required to comply with are the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), among many others. Global businesses cannot afford to ignore these stringent privacy laws and regulations

GAVS’ End-to-End Cyber Security Services for Healthcare

In today’s threat landscape, understanding the risks that organizations and customers are exposed to is critically important, especially in the Healthcare Industry. The increasing use of IoMT devices in healthcare has made it easier for cybercriminals to exploit and profit from device vulnerabilities. Ransomware tops the list of cyberthreats for healthcare organizations.

ZIF End User Monitoring

ZIF Monitor is a component of ZIF™ – our AIOps tool that ensures business continuity through real-time and proactive monitoring of IT environment using applications of ML, predictive analytics & automation. The ZIF Monitor platform monitors all the layers involved in the user experience in real time. The layers that are monitored include but are not limited to – applications, databases, servers, APIs, end points, and network devices.

Driving Digital Transformation through Artificial Intelligence

GAVS is an AI company with exclusive focus on AI-led Managed Services and Digital Transformation. Our services & solutions are powered by AI/ML, Automation, Cloud, Big Data, and Analytics. We place tremendous value on nurturing customer relationships while empowering them to accelerate business outcomes and reduce costs by leveraging our best-in-class AI products and platforms.

Aritificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) for Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an inevitable tool of innovation in healthcare, progressing from being a nice-to-have, to a must-have. GAVS believes in harvesting the power of Advanced Analytics and AI for smart healthcare operations. GAVS’ Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is focused on leveraging AI to improve the holistic health of patients and to drive better health outcomes through preemptive care, while keeping healthcare costs low.

My Desk

The impact of COVID-19 has brought many industries to a standstill, but at the same time it has enabled new businesses to flourish worldwide and has given existing businesses the opportunity to adopt flexibility, planning and innovation to sustain and reclaim their stance.