Data Management Offerings for the BFSI Industry

The BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry grapples with myriad data management challenges – right from data security and compliance to data governance and reporting. Additionally, the BFSI industry contends with the proliferation of unstructured data sources – from social media to transaction logs, necessitating robust data integration and analytics capabilities. In an era of rapid technological advancements, staying competitive demands effective data management strategies to harness the potential of data, while mitigating associated risks.

Generative AI – Make it Work for You Responsibly and Securely

Generative AI (GenAI) is proving its value across industries – rapidly and convincingly. Although organizations are starting to understand the vast potential in GenAI, they find themselves uncertain about where to begin.

It is imperative to first determine whether GenAI aligns with your challenges and business strategy. If it does, identifying specific aspects of the business that could benefit from GenAI and devising a comprehensive implementation plan become critical.

Intelligent Automation – Realize True Savings through Efficiency

In today’s dynamic business landscape, Intelligent Automation is revolutionizing the way organizations operate. Intelligent Automation represents a powerful fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technologies. It empowers businesses to streamline operations, enhance decision making, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Cloud Enablement Services for Healthcare

Cloud first is the new normal for healthcare organizations moving ahead. However, embracing cloud can be a tedious task – a journey that is not the same for everyone. It requires active commitment and careful considerations to derive all the cloud benefits such as scalability, cost savings, flexibility, and efficiency.

At GS Lab | GAVS, we help healthcare organizations embrace cloud technologies to meet their business objectives and drive growth. Our expertise across healthcare processes and systems, infrastructure management and cloud native engineering makes us an ideal cloud transformation, development, and operations partner. Enabled by a strong partner ecosystem, open-source contributions and IP innovations we help accelerate the cloud journey for our customers.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare

Modern healthcare is evolving rapidly with the rise in adoption of digital health, internet of medical things (IoMT), and remote patient monitoring/home health solutions. However, it has challenged today’s CIOs and CISOs with ensuring cyber resilience across the new and old touchpoints at all times. Healthcare records are highly valuable due to the vast amounts of sensitive data they contain. Two major focus areas for healthcare organizations are securing healthcare data and prevention against ransomware.

GS Lab | GAVS’ Cybersecurity Services empower healthcare CIOs and CISOs to establish patient trust, augment security of PHI and other medical information, and ensure timely delivery of experiences and data when needed in a secure and compliant manner. Our Zero Trust framework guarantees that health data is protected at all times across the network including medical device endpoints.

Healthcare Data Management Services

Healthcare organizations are moving towards AI driven value-based care systems and data forms the basis of this transformation. However, the current data platforms and systems do not provide a unified view of data, grapple with data silos issues, and don’t have proper data governance framework in place.

GS Lab | GAVS data management services help healthcare organizations make high quality curated data available that is connected, trusted, easily shared and AI ready. Our services span right from database assessments to data governance. Driven with prebuilt frameworks, automation and technology expertise, we are the ideal data transformation partners for organizations aiming to provide patient centric value-based care.

Transforming Healthcare with Data Integration and Interoperability

Patient data is a critical asset in healthcare, requiring maximum security and confidentiality. However, in today’s complex healthcare landscape, access to patient data is also crucial to ensure timely and effective treatment. The challenge lie in integrating data from various sources, standardizing formats and terminologies, complying with regulatory requirements, overcoming complexities arising from M&A, and many others. This is where interoperability and data integration play a pivotal role. Interoperability enables seamless exchange of patient data among different systems, allowing healthcare providers to achieve a 360-degree view and control of the patient’s health history and care journey.

GS Lab | GAVS’ offerings in Health IT are designed to address interoperability challenges, helping organizations unlock the power of their data and seamlessly connect disparate systems to transform patient care.

Salesforce Driven Healthcare Transformation

GS Lab | GAVS is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and trusted leader in designing, implementing, and driving transformational experiences with Salesforce solutions. Salesforce provides healthcare companies such as Providers, Payers, Medical Device Manufacturers, and Life Sciences Organizations, solutions that enable workflow optimizations, enhanced quality of patient services, and development of innovative products that meet the ever-evolving needs of patients, members, and healthcare professionals.

Our solutions and services are based on a ‘Digital First’ strategy, empowering providers, payers, and Healthcare Technology Companies to reduce costs while enhancing patient and member experiences through digital transformation solutions.

Decisioning Services for Effective Organizational Decision Making

With increasing digitalization, there has been growing interest in effective decision management. Establishing structured and well-defined decision models can help standardize, automate, and accelerate business decision making. Right decisions at the right time drive better business outcomes through improved products and services.

An End-to-End Suite of Solutions for the BFSI Enterprise

The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance industry is growing at an unprecedented rate due to a number of reasons – primarily, growth in consumerism, evolving economic and social demands, flourishing economies, and rapid technological advancements. Customer expectations have never been as nuanced and evolved as they are today; and this is only slated to grow.