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In today’s threat landscape understanding the risks organizations and customers are exposed to is more important especially in Healthcare Industry. With the increasing market share of the IoT devices in the healthcare field, it has offered a simple door for cyber criminals trying to misuse and profit from device vulnerabilities. Ransomware tops the list of cyberthreats for healthcare organizations.


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What happens when you have no time to test your software?

Enterprise applications are becoming larger and more complex. New execution models are being innovated to meet aggressive time to market demands. With the wide adoption of agile software development methodologies and continuous/iterative deployment, most often than not, corners are cut when it comes to testing. How do we ensure on-time delivery of high-quality software and exceptional user experience – always?

Tele-work During COVID-19 Good Practices To Protect From Cyber attacks

Sekar Thanigaimani

VP, Quality, GAVS

Cybercriminals are seeking to exploit the COVID-19 situation to target organizations and employees. It is important for organizations to perform a comprehensive risk assessment for their employees who work from home or other remote locations, and mitigate the risks in order to protect patient data.

Assessing AIOps Platforms

AIOps platforms is a discipline under ITOM that combines big data and AI/Machine Learning functionality to enhance and partially replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks, leading to a more proactive and predictive insight driven environment.

Is Your Healthcare Geared Up for Smart Data-2018

Healthcare as we know is going through a massive change – from episodic to continuous, from disease focused to patient-centric, wellness and quality of life focused, from clinic centric to anywhere a patient is, from clinician controlled to patient empowered, and from being driven by limited data to 360-degree, multimodal personal, public, population, physical, cyber and social big data driven.