Webinar on Demystifying Digital Transformation by Sri Chaganty, CTO, GAVS Technologies

Demystify your enterprise bottlenecks & transform your user experience

In the rapid digitization, IT leaders often ignore the current environment, not knowing the risks that could completely plague the business.

Imagine the financial & security risk since you lack complete visibility of your current systems, dependencies and end user behavior. You cannot protect unless you know them!

Demystifying the digital transformation hype down to the required changes in ITOps is the first step to reap the benefits of such transformation. A drive towards “zero outages” within ITOps should be the goal of digital transformation.

This webinar hosted by Kerrie Hoffman, Strategic Advisor and presented by our CTO, Sri Chaganty, focused on fundamentals required for enabling a zero outage ITOps by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.