Gartner lists GAVS as a specialist software provider for Intelligent Automation

GAVS has been listed as a specialist software provider in the intelligent automation space and Gartner has suggested that AMS providers should form alliances with such specialists  as an approach to improve the efficiency of the AMS through intelligent automation.

In its recent report on “How to Invest in Intelligent Automation for Application Management Services”, Gartner focuses on Application Management Service (AMS) providers and how they have invested in intelligent automation solutions to reduce cost. With a matured market worth of $77 billion for AMS, providers of AMS are challenged to continue meeting customer expectations of 5% to 10% year-over-year price reductions, especially where offshoring has been fully deployed.

Gartner recommends that to exploit IT services market dynamics, technology product managers at AMS providers should:

  • Maintain cost competitiveness by using machine learning to analyze alerts and incidents, thereby reducing incident volumes and resolving problems faster

Acquire machine learning technology either by building unique intellectual property or partnering with a software vendor that offers an AI product designed for delivering IT services.

GAVS’ ZIF, an AIOps platform, with its proven track record of working with leading industry stalwarts, integrates seamlessly with traditional performance monitoring tools to PREDICT performance degradation and capacity utilization issues. Real time analytics on alerts from infrastructure monitoring and incident management tools.

GAVS is committed to be a company that is focused on digital transformation through AI, Predictive Analytics, DevSecOps and create solutions that will help engender our clients’ business objectives like improved time to market, reduce resource utilization, build a predictable Zero Incident Enterprise™ and optimize their IT budget.