Revenue losses due to IT downtime in recent years are Alarming!

With businesses increasingly driven by IT, any non-availability of your applications & systems and performance degrade are detrimental to your growth and brand.

GAVS’ 24×7 Command Center built on robust ITIL framework, integrated with AIOps platform helps:

  • Monitor & predict availability of business-critical applications that are dependent upon one or more systems
  • Monitor business-application availability that monitors every component of a business-application and alerts on detecting a failure
  • Measure, quantify & predict the health of the business applications that consist of one or more systems
  • Single consistent reporting of the status of the availability

Our Command Center driven by AIOps platform & toolsets have helped clients realize the following benefits:

  • End-to-end monitoring services including endpoints to ensure enhanced user experience
  • 30–40% cost savings right from year 1, driven by our global delivery model & AIOps platform
  • Proactively eliminate false positives using our predictive analytics platform (recognized by Gartner)
  • Automation-led and virtual supervisor for automatic triaging for efficiency
  • 360° holistic-view of the enterprise through intuitive dashboards

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