Redressal committee under POSH

Any employee who feels she/he is harassed or knows of or suspects any occurrence of Sexual Harassment is strongly encouraged to contact the RAKSHA COMMITTEE members in person or write to raksha@gavstech.com.

Our vision, mission and success reflect our concern and welfare of our employees. As we continue to treat each other with respect, equality and dignity, we also expect everyone to commit to a sense of personal responsibility. With an unrelenting focus on protecting everybody’s privacy and with no tolerance to any form of harassment or discrimination, we are committed to create and protect our work environment which is free from coercion and intimidation.

The Purpose of ‘POSH’ is to help create a positive, safe and inclusive work environment that promotes trust, respect, decency and dignity at workplace, and an environment that is free from sexual harassment or intimidation.

Committee Members


Vijayalakshmi Rajesh

Vijayalakshmi comes with 20 years of Marketing and Academic experience. She is a women’s welfare activist and is currently the Managing Trustee at ZRII TRUST. ZRII was formed as a platform to deliver high impact social projects through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds.

Her work includes raising awareness about modern-day issues that women and children face. She is actively involved in ensuring safer and improved workspaces for women. Some of her trophy programmes are under women empowerment which include a year-long training program for women of southern Tamil Nadu, a driver training programme for women to drive app-based cabs and placement of women in factories.

Vijayalakshmi is an ombudsperson at GAVS, and guides GAVS in our endeavour to be a gender-balanced and respectful workplace.


Juliana Koshy

I have been at GAVS for 8 years and find it the most inclusive environment. The organization ensures that all are treated equally with respect, it does not speak much about its cherished values, but actions them beautifully. It reflects diversity and inclusiveness in an environment that is safe even, promoting different views and perspectives in an open, transparent and a rather unique system with an inherent sense of belonging.

The POSH committee helps recognize and address specific challenges and ensures that they are eliminated from the system. As Chairperson, I commit to purposeful and explicit action on conduct that is unwelcome and sexual in nature.