In the last few years, the banking and financial services industry has been undergoing waves of change. With the exponential growth in digitization, end-customers expect sophisticated and personalized experiences. With the entry of numerous players into this ecosystem, competition has become even stiffer. On the downside, cyberattacks have reached a record high.

Organizations in the BFSI space need to embrace technological innovations and evolve to match pave with the changing times. Failure to do so will lead to stagnancy and falling behind. The time to transform is now.

GS Lab | GAVS’ experience in the banking, insurance and financial sector and its product engineering/application modernization expertise make us uniquely poised to help BFSI organizations leverage technology solutions to retain, reimagine and reinvent their customers’ experiences. Our digital transformation solutions enable our customers to build robust data-driven insights, cybersecurity, cloud and infrastructure management strategies that help them gain a competitive edge with top-line growth and improved bottom-line efficiencies.

Our Domain Expertise

Leveraging our data, cybersecurity, cloud and infrastructure services, we help banking organizations enhance their customer experience, accelerate digital banking, build and manage banking software and solutions, and provide secured and efficient operations.

  • Collateral management
  • Risk management
  • Customer/Merchant onboarding solutions
  • Migration
  • Loan process automation
  • Credit decisions
  • Loan originating system
  • Loan servicing and management system
  • Document management system
  • Risk management
  • Onboarding solutions
  • Plan management
  • Pricing management
  • Analytics
  • Card lifecycle management

We empower financial organizations with bespoke technology transformation solutions that have an unwavering focus on capital markets and wealth management.

Capital Markets & Wealth Management

  • Core banking system transformation
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Application management
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Wealth advisory

We enable InsurTech companies to reimagine their business models and build customized technology solutions by bringing in the right experts, skills, technologies and mindsets while reducing costs, overheads and risks.


  • Insurance aggregation
  • Bank and insurance integrations
  • Agent onboarding workflows
  • Agent and customer KYC workflows
  • Product mix and custom configuration

Offerings & Solutions

Our spectrum of offerings enables BFSI players to build, transform and engineer financial products/platforms/applications that are intuitive, scalable & compliant through Digital Product Engineering.

  • Product/Application engineering
  • Product/Application support
  • Product/Application modernization
  • Quality and validation

Cutting edge cloud services can help you meet your business goals and drive sustainable growth. Our end-to-end cloud enablement services provide our customers with agility and flexibility to maneuver through the dynamic world.

  • Assessment and advisory
  • Cloud migration and transformation
  • Hybrid cloud management
  • Cloud security
  • Disaster recovery and backup

Success Stories 

Transform your organization into an insights-driven business with data management, data governance and data visualization solutions for the ultimate digitized customer experience and enhanced customer relationships. With comprehensive data sources, informed decision-making and better prediction models, you can improve your profitability margins, reduce your NPAs and minimize credit loss. Our extensive Data and Analytics solutions ensure seamless and effective financial and regulatory reporting.

Data management services

  • Data migration
  • Data integration
  • Data modernization

Data governance services

  • Data office
  • Data quality and remediation
  • Master data management

Data visualization services

  • Business intelligence
  • Dashboard development
  • Dashboard optimization
  • Report and development

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

  • Strategy and advisory
  • Solution design and implementation

Success Stories

Streamline your workloads and improve productivity with Intelligent IT. Our AI-led tools and technologies enable your organization to digitize daily transaction process workflows ​and automate daily reconciliations​, customer onboarding​, loan application processing, and more. Experience significant transformations such as reduced downtime and improved security, and mitigate the impact of IT staff shortages.

  • Opportunity discovery
  • POVs and pilots
  • Implementation, support and enhancement of Intelligent IT

The best types of cybersecurity systems are proactive ones with end-to-end services, led by AI and automation across 3 key pillars of people, process and platforms. Our cybersecurity services boast of a unique mix of financial and technical expertise, including round-the-clock monitoring for security events, Azure and on-premise workload protection, Red and Blue Team security capabilities, DaaS for secure, remote, anytime/anywhere access, and implementation and support services.

  • Governance risk and compliance
  • Application security
  • Digital identity/trust
  • Infra security
  • Vulnerability management
  • Data privacy
  • Business continuity management

Success Stories

Achieve a new and sophisticated level of IT infrastructure management with our AI-powered Managed Services. This delivers an agile response to changing market needs with speed and scale, enabling organizations to remain digitally competitive and optimize costs while improving their end-customer experiences.

Success Stories

You can achieve automation excellence with our cost-effective software quality assurance services. These enable enhanced customer focus, minimize your manual efforts and achieve superior end-user satisfaction through our customer-centric model that is aligned to your business imperatives.

Success Stories

Specific Solutions

vKYC AI-enabled Video Customer Onboarding Solution

vKYC is a secure solution that enables your customers to verify themselves from the comfort of their homes. It allows you to authenticate customer details in real-time through video and AI-driven face match, liveness detection, geo-tagging, and eKYC verification for faster, seamless onboarding solutions.

Key Features

AI-driven face match: Our AI-driven face match feature allows businesses to capture live images of the customer and matches it with photo in the ID in real-time. It also provides a matching score between the photo ID and live face.

eKYC: The OCR based solution allows businesses toinstantly verify the documents. The solution scans the identity documents and verifies it in real-time through government records.

Geo-tagging & liveness detection: The solution ensures that the customer is present in the stated region and authorities can run a gesture-based liveness check of the customers

Now onboard your customer in seconds with vKYC Solution

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Boosting Your Business with Technology Accelerators


An AIOps platform for proactive and autonomous IT operations, completely driven by AI/ML, this accelerator can deliver

  • 40%+ reduced CapEx ​
  • 60%+ MTTR reduction ​
  • 50%+ decreased OpEx spends​
  • 99% service availability​
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An integrated platform for cloud enablement, this is an end-to-end enabler of hybrid cloud migration, transformation, management, and orchestration, with the following benefits:

  • Zero downtime and zero data loss
  • IT on Demand/Software defined infrastructure
  • Multi-cloud compatible cloud orchestration
  • Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) use cases
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This MS Azure-powered accelerator enables customer MDM and blockchain-based customer consent management for regulatory compliance to deliver:

  • Multi-geographical support with logical sub-entities, domains, mergers and acquisitions
  • Decentralized data stewardship
  • Personal data transparency


An automated user lifecycle management solution, this helps achieve higher levels of compliance, while reducing operational costs by automating the complete process, and providing:

  • Policy-driven provisioning (ABAC-based)
  • SCIM standard compliant
  • Overall improved security posture
  • Customizable support for your business processes for user on-boarding and departures


This remote, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (VDI+) platform provides:

  • 40% increase in end-user productivity
  • 40% cumulative YoY cost savings
  • Reduced TCO due to simple architecture
  • Higher performance using 100% SSD
  • Zero need for dedicated storage and management infrastructure
  • 100% virtual dedicated desktops for all users
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