GAVS has been awarded the CIO Choice 2022 recognition in four categories – Desktop Virtualization, Enterprise AI Assistance, Contact Centre AI, and Application Modernization. 

The CIO Choice platform fosters collaboration between CIOs and ICT vendors, and the winning organizations are recommended and recognized by CIOs and IT leaders.

“We at GAVS are committed to be an AI led Business Transformation company and we are most elated for this recognition.”  – Sumit Ganguli, CEO, GAVS Technologies

“GAVS has been working in the area of Managed Services for a number of reputed clients and we believe our AI led contact center is a central to our Managed Services offerings.” – Chandra Mouleswaran, SVP and Head of Infrastructure, GAVS Technologies

“GAVS believes that its offerings in the Desktop Virtualization, zDesk is a unique offering from GAVS Technologies and it has been deployed at key clients in the US and India. At hospitals, doctors have been able to spend more time with the patients because of the continuity of sessions feature offered by zDesk.” – Rajiv Kanna, Healthcare Technology leader, GAVS Technologies

“GAVS works with leading academic institutions and have jointly created strong AI algorithms, and these are used for Enterprise AI assistance. We are thankful for this recognition and work towards evolving as the leading AI led Technology companies.”  – Balaji Uppili, Chief Customer Success Officer, GAVS Technologies