3 out of 4 companies are not disaster ready. Do you have a robust disaster recovery (DR) plan to ensure business continuity in a world plagued by superstorms such as Sandy, and hurricane like Katrina.

62% of IT executives that currently have a DR strategy plan to reassess or expand it in the future. With business continuity becoming crucial to success, re-examining your VMware replication and migration plan is imperative. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) enables you to drive business continuity by orchestrating replication, failover and recovery of VMware workloads on virtual machines and physical servers. The good news is ASR now allows you to protect and replicate VMware virtual machines and physical servers in Azure – without the need for duplicating components in Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Azure.

The SLA-backed enhanced VMware to Azure solution effectively duplicates your on-premises heterogeneous workloads – Linux Windows Server, VMware, Azure, AWS or Open Stack. It resizes source volumes without impacting ongoing replication and provides non-disruptive disaster recovery testing (TFO).

What is on the palette of the enhanced ASR?

The enhanced VMware to Azure functionality of ASR provides an end-to-end protection solution for your hybrid IT environment. Its features include:

  • Elimination of IaaS elements- You are required to pay only during a migration or failover process. During the process, critical data gets copied into your Azure storage account for improved security
  • Microsoft Installer(MSI)-based linked setup- It takes only few steps to configure replication to Azure due to its MSI- that is pre packaged EXE that runs all setup without intervention.This significantly reduces cost and complexity while ensuring safety of multiple workloads.
  • Faster failover test of VMware virtual machines- The non-recovery disruptive testing helps in rapid failover test of your VMware workload to Azure.
  • Easy replication back to on-premise environment- The ASR-integrated failback feature helps in seamless transfer of Azure virtual machine back to on-premise site.
  • Minimal cost- This enhancement to ASR reduces the TCO by eliminating the need for IaaS components, deploying a scaled-out configuration and enabling failback through Express Route.
  • Simple setup-The integrated fail back and MSI based unified setup decreases complexity related to configuration.
  • Robust support across multiple workloads- It provides efficient support to crash and application consistent replication for windows and linux.

Paint a robust DR plan to future-proof your VMware workload

The ability to design a robust disaster recovery plan to future-proof your VMware workloads lies in choosing the right DR solution in first go. With features such as continuous data protection, one-click failovers, email notifications and health monitoring, the enhanced VMware to Azure release allows you to onboard and realize value quickly.