GAVS Alumni

A message from our CEO, Sumit Ganguli

"Welcome to the GAVS Alumni Network. I am very proud of our alumni organization, we believe it is unique in keeping us together, and through our various chapters and programs, we impact our communities." - Sumit Ganguli

Enduring relationships make for a stronger community.

Hobbies – Travel , Visiting temples, mentoring LCHF diet.

Interest: – Reading modern technology trends, Troubleshooting, Decoding Astrology.

Hobbies – Travel and learning new cultures.

Interest: – Watching movies.

Hobbies – Singing, listening and reviewing music, writing articles, and participating in tech discussions. I would basically be a part of any program that involves Technology and speaking.

Interest: – Technology discussion, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and public speaking

Hobbies – I love listening to music, singing, sketching, and trying out new electronic gadgets.

Interest: – I have a keen interest in the latest technology trends, working on innovative ideas and politics.

Hobbies – Music & Travel.

Interest: – articles on positivity, being happy and spreading happiness all around me .

Areas I can be involved in: mentoring

Hobbies – Internet surfing for world news.

Interest: – Cooking : Lockdown has turned me into a good chef. I started my cooking trials with simple dishes and my interest has grown over time.

Hobbies – My hobby is playing badminton. As I am twin, my sister is the best companion for me to play badminton. We are state players during our schooling. I like to sing and I graduated vocal.

Area of interest: – My area of interest is C,C++ and OOP. I have knowledge in. NET and SQL too.

Hobbies – Writing, Reading and Listening to music

Interests – Travel to explore new places and people, Yoga and Meditation.