Enterprises across sectors want to transform their cloud infrastructure to get more from what they are getting now. They require an agile cloud system which can provide insights covering the larger business prescriptive using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Enterprises are looking for a cloud platform that can completely manage nano servers as well as host larger platform.

Benefits of Adopting Intelligent Cloud Data Services

  • Streamlines business processes: Intelligent cloud platform connects and records data from different departments enabling a workflows of best practices across the enterprise. Further enterprises use the data to reduce the cash cycle time and speed up the time required to respond to market conditions.
  • Aligns data from multiple applications: Intelligent Cloud platform combines and automates multiple applications dealing with customer behavior patterns, sales compensation, rebates and promotions. It aligns data from different applications and helps create a centralized promotional program which enables sales channels to easily up sell their services.
  • Unified data model: Intelligent cloud creates a single data model making information easily available to all the departments in real-time.This results in all departments being well-informed and gain access to critical customer information that helps to optimize purchase experience.
  • Conversational interface: Intelligent cloud platform provides enterprises access to artificial intelligence tools which help to enhance interaction and extract multiple data from third-party sources. Further the AI tools provide valuable insights that enhance customer buying patterns using data from social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Optimize online revenue: Intelligent cloud platform covers a wide spectrum of enterprise channels including partner sales, service delivered and self-serve websites. It enables an omni-channel customer transaction process helping enterprises optimize online revenue and provide a consistent customer buyer experience.
  • Easily integrates with existing systems: Intelligent cloud platforms easily integrate with enterprise’s existing CRM & ERP systems. It enables to retain existing application and infrastructure vendors that best suit the needs of the companies.

GAVS’ data services allow customers to gain insights by combination information from human and machines. Its intelligent cloud is predominantly build on Azure Public Cloud and helps bring high value on ROI. Further it provides backend intelligence to all the new generation applications keeping in mind the mobile first philosophy taking the User Experience to the next level.