Few values that deliver better business results

VALUES – what does the word “VALUE” mean to each of us? Does the word “VALUE” have any real value in today’s busy world? Every company talks about VALUE or VALUE-ADD. In fact, in recent days there has been so much clatter about VALUE-ADD at GAVS. But how many of us had truly realized what the word VALUE or VALUE-ADD mean to GAVS or our clients? Why is the world so thirsty for VALUES? Does VALUES not exist?Or, have we buried it deliberately behind our minds in order to fake ourselves to climb the ladder of IT industry,letting down our own peers?

VALUES are the foundation that a person is endorsed with. Every religion, every parent, every school teaches VALUES and MORALs, equally, to all children as they grow up to become professionals. But once after we get the liberty of becoming a professional and an adult, we gradually tend to forget the VALUES we learnt, we forget to implementthem at the right time.

VALUES are not restricted to school days or college days or when we are under our parent’s control. They are actually meant to be inherited in each of us, to be utilized to showcase ourselves in the actual world of performance, that is, where we are hired based on the qualification and experience that we draft on our CV. The description on our CV may get us a job. But the VALUES that we implement on that job will get us recognized in the company as a VALUEABLE ASSET to them. And that VALUEABLE ASSET nonetheless will be YOU – who possess great VALUES within yourself.

There are many VALUES that can be listed down but there are very few VALUES that deliver better results in the IT industry and they are:


Everyone in this world carry a positive attitude and a negative attitude in every aspect of life. But the important question,is what amount of attitude does each individual carry. And the amount depends on how much we feed our mind. God creates everyone , equally, with 6 senses. It is the human mind that develops the attitude – positively or negatively. It is believed and proved that, people with POSITIVE ATTITUDE have delivered better resultsthanthose with negative attitude who have lost more!!


Passion is a component that makes a person give his/her best. Their creativity and accountability is high when something is done with PASSION. PASSION makes a person a master of the work he/she is passionate about. A chef can prepare different meals with the same recipe, only if he/she has the PASSION in cooking. Hence, work done with PASSION is work completed 100%, resulting in the best delivery.


Do you OWN just a CAR or a CARRRRRRRRR….???

Like the commercial advertisement of a Car company advertises in a way to call a CAR as CARRRRRRRR, why do you think they stretch so much for a non-living thing?

It is because, though CAR is just a non-living thing, it is OWNed by people. And people who possess the asset love them more than humans 😉 And in this advertisement, the characters express their pleasure by calling a CAR as CARRRRRRR which depicts how much they love their Car.

If we take a moment & notice the commercial ads on television, we can definitely see that 90% of them depict their intensity of OWNing or using the product(s). Though the actors are paid to act as if they really are engrossed with those products, at the end they are doing their job with complete OWNERSHIP.


It is very important to be RESPONSIVE, as,human beings are the more complex to handle than computers. Every employee needs a person to open-up his/her concerns in the work environment. Hence, if a person who has the ability to understand other’s issues and resolve them, makes the employee’s life easy at work, and attrition rate will also be low.


Perseverance is something that everybody should carry with them along with Positive attitude. There may be a smooth phase of the project for a period and things might suddenly change, with lot of hurdles. Every employee should possess PERSEVERANCE to demonstrate the ability to overcome difficult times. It is always better to wait for time to get over the current situation, as nothing in life is permanent. Every phase will pass away and come again.

Positive Attitude, Passion, Ownership et al… The names of the VALUES may be numerous but all the VALUES to be carried by a single name – YOURS !!