Zero Incident Framework (ZIF)

Incidents are the result of IT service failures. Enterprises are continuously looking at traditional ways to reduce incidents through problem management and self-healing tools. While problem management looks at the top three root causes that had created 80% of the incidents and then eliminate them, ‘self-healing’ tools in the end-user devices proactively detect potential incidents and resolve them before they occur. Some, even though reactive, have provided ‘self-service’ tools like updated knowledge base and utilities. A few others have even implemented VDI to eliminate the desk-side incidents. But all the above have helped the IT teams to reduce the incidents by a few decimals and have not yielded signi¬ficant change or shift towards ‘zero incidents’.

Zero Incident Framework (ZIF) is GAVS’ Proprietary framework that enables early detection / removal and permanent remediation of incidents resulting in an enterprise aspirationally trending towards a zero incident scenario. The key components of the framework include real-time user monitoring and instrumentation engine [GCare] that enables granular behaviour capture at endpoint and enterprise infrastructure backbone, predictive analytics engine that removes false positives and detects potential outages based on past historical patterns and the input from GCare, an automation suite that remedies the typically occurring issues with minimal or no manual intervention. The interplay of these components results in operational efficiency and an agile, scalable enterprise -

  • Using the information generated through profiling, ZIF applies the intelligence to identify events that could potentially become high severity failures at a later point of time. Accordingly, ZIF triggers the subsequent actions like Alerts, Initiate remediation, etc.
  • ZIF does the “Prediction through GAVel" which is a Big Data based prediction engine. Based on the profile data collected over a period of time, GAVel applies the aggregation and prediction algorithm and identifies the possibilities of failures that could occur in future.
  • ZIF does the “Automation through ZMan” which is GAVS IT process Automation platform. – Based on prediction and profile data, ZIF identifies repeatable actions. These actions are automated through ZMan thereby reduces the manual effort involved and improves the accuracy.